Niepoort (Vinhos) S.A.

Secundum Vintage Porto Blend 2000


Delicious #port #oporto #portugal #vintageport — a year ago

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Porto 1985

Charles (Chad) Bucklin

Med + concentration with a light purple core and a brownish rim. The nose was young with med + intensity and complexity. The fruit was driven by stewed and dried black fruit accompanied by sweet spices, nuts, chocolate, and orange. Tannins were present along with low acid and balanced alcohol. The #port felt young and well concentrated. There was more red fruit along with a floral component on the palate. Great length. #dows #vintageport #portugal #oporto #touriganacional #ctbucklinwine — 5 years ago

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Taylor Fladgate

Late Bottled Vintage Porto Port Blend 2011

The 2011 LBV ports are here just in time for the holidays, get yours today as these may be the greatest LBV ever made from the different Port shippers (DOW, Grahams, etc...) #oporto #portugal #douro #taylorfladgateyeatman — 4 years ago

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Taylor Fladgate

Late Bottled Vintage Porto Port Blend 2007

LBV ruby port drinking well. LBV is made to drink earlier unlike regular vintage port. Taylor's invented the process and still is one of the best. #oporto #portugal #douro #taylorfladgateyeatman — 7 years ago

Niepoort (Vinhos) S.A.

Niepoort Crusted Port bottled 2012 Touriga Nacional

Tasting notes are an open battlefield where anyone can claim some sort of victory. This one in particular: "It is worth pointing out that at this moment in time the exuberance of the wine dominates and the elegant style is very enticing to drink right now (...)" cf. www.niepoort-vinhos.com. By that I humbly understand "don't drink it now" since the exuberance (20+ degrees of alcohol) makes it a liquid hard to digest and offensive to the palate. I strive to find elegance, but again who am I? Only an increasingly impoverished fan of this house who loves the oxidative 10-Year Old White Port. So, please bury this bottle down in your basement and enjoy it with your grandchildren. See you there! #crustedport #oporto #niepoort — 5 years ago