Niepoort (Vinhos) S.A.

Secundum Vintage Porto Blend 2000


Delicious #port #oporto #portugal #vintageport β€” a year ago

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Quinta do Noval

Vintage Port Blend 1995

Vintage 1995 - I do not drink it often, but love older #vintageport This is a real treat with beautiful currants, figs. Even red fruit. β€” 3 years ago

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David Shaw

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Life is too short. Vintage Port stops time. Thanks for sharing this vicariously

W. & J. Graham's

Vintage Port Blend 1966

Charles (Chad) Bucklin

Alcohol right off the bat, but behind that is such delicacy, complexity, elegance, and richness. So fresh and #delectable #vintageport #grahams #1966 β€” 5 years ago

Royal Oporto (Real Companhia Velha)

Quinta das Carvalhas Vintage Porto Port Blend 2013

Heavy fig jam, jump-to-your-face dessert wine. Perfect complement to dark chocolate and other desserts. .
#quintasdascarvalhas #vintageport #carvalhas #carvalhaswine
β€” a year ago

with Deked1
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Vintage Porto Port Blend 1970

Charles (Chad) Bucklin

Powerful and young with roasted fruit and spice. Great intensity and concentration. More restrained on the palate than the nose. Youthful and balanced. #dow #vintageport #port #portugal #ctbucklinwine β€” 4 years ago

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Taylor Fladgate

Vintage Port Blend 1963

Charles (Chad) Bucklin

Tasted from #coravin this #taylorfladgate was powerful. The alcohol overwhelmed everything. I was able to get some fun prune and chocolate notes on the incredible length but this will either need some more time or a good long #decant #vintageport #portugal #port #touriganacional #ctbucklinwine β€” 5 years ago

W. & J. Graham's

Vintage Port Blend 1983

Having a great taste at #grahams hosted by Filipe after a lodge tour to see #lbv #singlequinta #vintage #vintageport #10yo #20yo #30yo #40yo #singlevintagetawny1972 ; this 1983: lovely jam and prune notes; spirit spotlessly together β€” 6 years ago

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Quinta Do Infantado

Vintage Porto Port Blend 1992

Vintage 1992 / Very much alive and kicking. Cooked red fruit, good concentration. Seductive. Comforting. #vintageport #quintadoinfantado β€” 2 years ago

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Wil Demandt

Wil Demandt

Fine tasting you had Peter🍷🍷 enjoy.


Porto 1985

Charles (Chad) Bucklin

Med + concentration with a light purple core and a brownish rim. The nose was young with med + intensity and complexity. The fruit was driven by stewed and dried black fruit accompanied by sweet spices, nuts, chocolate, and orange. Tannins were present along with low acid and balanced alcohol. The #port felt young and well concentrated. There was more red fruit along with a floral component on the palate. Great length. #dows #vintageport #portugal #oporto #touriganacional #ctbucklinwine β€” 5 years ago

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Porto 1965

Mind blown!!! #vintageport does it again!!! β€” 6 years ago

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