Niepoort (Vinhos) S.A.

Niepoort Crusted Port bottled 2012 Touriga Nacional

Tasting notes are an open battlefield where anyone can claim some sort of victory. This one in particular: "It is worth pointing out that at this moment in time the exuberance of the wine dominates and the elegant style is very enticing to drink right now (...)" cf. www.niepoort-vinhos.com. By that I humbly understand "don't drink it now" since the exuberance (20+ degrees of alcohol) makes it a liquid hard to digest and offensive to the palate. I strive to find elegance, but again who am I? Only an increasingly impoverished fan of this house who loves the oxidative 10-Year Old White Port. So, please bury this bottle down in your basement and enjoy it with your grandchildren. See you there! #crustedport #oporto #niepoort — 5 years ago