Five Wine Pairings for Easter and Passover

As March draws to a close this weekend, two of spring's biggest holidays are uniting families around the globe: Easter and Passover. From roast lamb to matzah ball soup to chocolate bunnies, these two holidays are rich in food traditions. What should you uncork at your family's feast? Whether you're celebrating Easter, Passover, neither or both, here are five food and wine pairings inspired by these spring holidays. Roast Lamb & Bordeaux For many families, the centerpiece of their Easter table is roast lamb – which practically begs for a good glass of red to go alongside it. Consider pairing with Bordeaux. Due to its firm tannic grip, Bordeaux and other Cabernet-based wines are a natural match for heavier proteins. Plus, should you choose to spoon the mint sauce on top, Bordeaux's more herbaceous flavors will provide a harmonious complement. Brisket & Syrah For Passover, on the other hand, one of the most popular dishes is brisket. A notch gamier than lamb, it's important to find a wine that matches the brisket's savory profile. Try Syrah – a grape whose wines drip with smoky, sultry flavor. Like a well-roasted brisket, the best Syrah wines are juicy and complex, but with a hearty rusticity that's gratifyingly filling. Glazed Carrots & Moscato d'Asti While the lamb may take center stage, no Easter meal is complete without a healthy spread of sides. Beyond being the Easter Bunny's vegetable of preference, carrots – particularly of the glazed variety – are a crowd-pleaser. Carrots go best with a wine that plays off their subtle sweetness, and Moscato d'Asti will certainly get the job done. With its gentle effervescence and sweet floral tones, Moscato not only echoes much of what you'll taste in the carrots, its low alcohol content makes it the perfect daytime sipper. Matzah Ball Soup & Champagne They call chicken soup "Jewish Penicillin," but perhaps the dish's highest calling comes at Passover when a matzah ball or two (…or three) are dropped into the bowl. Soups in general can cause a wine-pairing conundrum, especially brothier recipes like matzah ball soup. One answer to matching a liquid with another liquid? Bubbles. The textural complexity of sparkling wines can help distinguish between food and drink. With matzah ball soup, head straight for Champagne, whose doughy, leesy flavors will balance nicely with the dish's earthiness. Chocolate Bunnies & Tawny Port While kids may monopolize the Easter egg hunt, adults shouldn't have to leave their sweet tooths unsatisfied. It wouldn't be Easter without the array of treats flooding supermarket shelves – from Peeps to Cadbury Eggs to pastel candy corns. Perhaps the most emblematic, though, is the chocolate bunny. As is true with all desserts, it's best to pair sweet with sweet. For milk chocolate, try enjoying your bunnies alongside a glass of Tawny Port. The best examples taste of caramel sauce and hazelnuts – so adding chocolate into the equation makes for a scrumptiously decadent experience. — Bryce Wiatrak Do you have a favorite Easter or Passover wine pairing? We want to see what you're uncorking! Scan the label or search by name to add your tasting notes on Delectable.


Cascinetta Vietti Moscato d'Asti 2016

The most delicious adult soda. Lush ripe tree fruit and lychee, a touch of musk and a burst of sweet citrus. Frizzante and sweet, but not cloying at all. Perfect with some spicy chili. Will drink again. — 7 years ago

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Domaine Auguste Clape

Renaissance Cornas Syrah 2014

A great example of how great producers can trump challenging vintages. Rain, pest pressure and hail were present in 2014 for the N. Rhône. This wine is beautiful and shows just how transparent Syrah can be in the right hands. Dark fruit notes, crushed granite, animal, damp leather, dried violets, warm spices. The tannins are raw and lively without being overbearing and balanced by a stern acid note. Mainly press wine I believe. Classic Cornas — 8 years ago

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Vieilles Vignes de Pinot Noir Ambonnay Brut Grand Cru Blanc De Noirs Champagne

Roel van der Burg

Powerful, dense, spicy and intense Champagne. Deep aromas. Immense personality. Gold colour. No aperitif this one, serve with food. The first ever Blanc de Noirs was made by this producer. 'Grower Champagne' avant la lettre! Fruit is harvested from the ancient 'les crayères' ('the chalkmine') vineyard, planted with 100% Pinot Noir in 1947. Marketing budget of Egly-Ouriet? € 0,- — 9 years ago

Niek HarteringAlessandro da Fies
with Niek and Alessandro
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Château Grand-Puy-Lacoste

Pauillac Red Bordeaux Blend 2014

Greg Ballington

Medium plus to deep ruby red. Dark fruits on the nose with some cedar and minerality. Heavy tannins (7/10) and full bodied. A beast that needs some time to develop and grow up. Fresh earthiness on the palate with red berries, solid acidity and a long finish. Drink from 2020 till 2040 — 7 years ago

India Okoh
with India
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Que Syrah Vineyard Syrah 2014

Charles (Chad) Bucklin

One of the better #newworld #syrahs I've had in a while. Probably because it reminded me of #coterotie Deep purple. The nose was dense and powerful with blue and black fruit, pepper, meat, and flowers. The palate was spicy and delicious with great complexity. The tannins were a touch gritty but there was nice acidity giving the wine lift. Great length. #arnotroberts #sonomacoast #california #ctbucklinwine — 8 years ago

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W. & J. Graham's

Aged 20 Years Tawny Port Blend

Really fantastic. Subtle complexity that keeps on giving. Burnt caramel, dried apricot, dried prune, cognac, pot pourri, anise. — 10 years ago

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20 Year Old Tawny Porto

David Traynor

Omg! I always forget how much I love port, especially one this amazing! Lighter in tone, and shockingly stil good ruby tone. Spiced raisin nose, with hints of brown sugar. Engaging palette with a forever finish. Love — 11 years ago

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Antoine Pin

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If you like port so much, Wait till you see what I open up Monday.

Château d'Issan

Margaux Cabernet Sauvignon - Merlot Blend 2010

What better after a powder ⛷ day than a boeuf bourguignon and a 2010 D'Issan. This is a baby of a wine but oh so good right now. Deep dark fruit gives way to currant and coffee and chocolate. This wine is a pleasure to drink and one that keeps your sense on their toes -- asking questions. Which is good in life and wine drinking. I can't wait to open my other bottles as the years pass. As we close 2016, let's raise a collective virtual glass and take a moment to reflect on friends, family, health, good food and great wine. And most things from Bordeaux in 2010 are pretty good too... 🍷👌❄️️ — 8 years ago

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Evan Bienstock

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@Stephen Pierron happy new year to you as well.
Jody Scharf

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Happy New Year Evan 🔨🍷😎
Evan Bienstock

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@Jody Scharf you too my friend!

Georges Laval

Brut Nature Cumières 1er Cru Champagne Blend

Vincent Laval use to say he didn't listen to his father advices regarding wine and winemaking: "a starved profession". Despite his father "encouragement" he kept going taking care by himself of the 2,5 hectares as a Recoltant Manipulant making now 9000 bottles, certified organic since 1971.
From the Cumariot Premier Cru area, - Cumières's the name of the village close by Épernay on the right side of Marne, - here on this label we've got Chardonnay (50%), Pinot Noir (30%) Pinot Meunier (20%); it's a Brut Nature which means no sugar addition after disgorging. Every single details, from the biological treatment of the vineyard to the painstaking work in the cellar seems to combine each other to make this artisanal champagne a clean expression of authentic and juicy flavor, significant acidity, floral fragrances witnessing as well of such a preserved agricultural awareness. I do love Laval and his own substantial champagne!
— 8 years ago

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Cantine Elvio Tintero

Sorì Gramella Moscato d'Asti

White flowers, marzipan and hints of jasmine. Sweet flavors of citrus, honeysuckle with a light Stoney finish. Fun and easy. — 11 years ago

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