Windows Estate

Domaine Lucien Jacob

Les Toussaints Beaune 1er Cru Pinot Noir 2014

like sucking candy coated stones thru a straw……so-called salamander sassafras, you’ve heard of it. car crushes. weed windows. blanket statements. torch songs. — 5 months ago

Jess Paley
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Alpine Beer Company

Windows Up India Pale Ale

Smooth, consistent and flowing without the usual dip in IPA proceedings. Tastes like a hybrid between IIPA and IPA in that regard and in the mouthfeel/body. 9.4 in the bottle. 9.1 in the can. 9.2 on tap. This was in the 12oz bottle. — a year ago

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Azienda Agricola Montesecondo

Rosso Toscano Sangiovese Blend 2019

Wine for sucking on cherry pits and making fresh pasta sauce at 4pm. Goes quite well with open windows, the smell of roasting garlic, and Nona stories. For the pre-meal, rustic and fruity, not to be dissected, not to interrupt. Fluffy strawberry taffy, cherry cooler, and tomato acid. — 2 years ago

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Lujon Wine Cellars

Walla Walla Valley Cabernet Sauvignon 2015

The nose of a cooling blackberry pie on a windows ledge.

This has heft, and you can tell the love that went into this. All the dark berries, yet in the brighter side - elegant, I wish I had bought a case. So, so good. Tangy lip smacking acidity with tannin overtures.
— 2 years ago

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Dry River

Martinborough Pinot Noir 2015

Mid to deep Crimson in colour. Fairly contained nose - hints of raspberry, violets and a peppery note reflecting some whole bunch in the ferment. Palate is also latent showing much promise - still with raspberry notes, red fruits and plum. I have had this “latent “ experience with Dry River Pinot Noirs before which is at odds with the pros drinking Windows. This is my first of six and will have the next in 2023. Tempted to say a Shiraz drinkers Pinot but it’s better than that. — a year ago

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Château Montrose

Saint-Estèphe Cabernet Sauvignon Blend 2008

Just incredibly smooth and balanced. Blueberries, blackberries, cinnamon, and some notes of cedar. Probably would be better with time but babies don’t care about drinking windows. Welcome Rhys. — a year ago

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Kevin Løk

Kevin Løk

Hell yeah, Rhys!!!


St Peters Grampians Shiraz 2012

Toasty oak with black fruits and liquorice. The palate latent and brooding promising a big future. A little early to be drinking this at 8 years with projected drinking windows going up to another 20 years. I love Grampians Shiraz - this is more dried black Cherry than my favourite, Mt Langhi Ghiran - the latter more pepper/spice and Northern Rhone in style. Just a personal preference. — 2 years ago

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Pio Cesare

Ornato Barolo Nebbiolo 2013

Normal Barolo descriptors but in this case a little detuned. Notes of earth, red savoury fruits and a touch of orange peel. Persistent tannins need to be resolved. In hindsight this is my first of three bottles and may have been drunk a little too young but drinking Windows from the Pros are widely divergent here. Ornato is only produced in outstanding years. James Suckling liked it with a 98 point score. I must be missing something. — a year ago

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Severn Goodwin

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@Bob McDonald Yes sir, I still think that needs time, so I agree with your hesitation on the '13.
Bob McDonald

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@Severn Goodwin Yes as a rough rule of thumb I like to give Barolos 15 to 20 years. Hence my surprise that Richard Heming MW had a window of 2018 to 2021 on this 2013 Ornato.
Jamie Lauder

Jamie Lauder

Older is always better with Barolo especially with a great vintage like that PLUS it is Ornato.
Mr. Boffa passed away in 2021 from Covid.
His daughter has taken the reins.
Respect his legacy and give it at least 5 years of sleep.
It will be incredible….as all of his wines are.

W.T. Vintners

Les Collines Vineyard Syrah 2015

Oh mama is this good right now. Love that Jeff posted a chart on their site about drinking windows. Would have happily drink this whole bottle by myself. — 2 years ago

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Château Musar

Gaston Hochar Grand Cru Red Blend 1999

Some years ago the people at the chateau told me that they believe that old wines definitely should be decanted and aired for many hours. (They told the analogy about leaving your house for a week, a year or many years and how long do you open the windows then)
I was alway a bit cautious but nevertheless took some 4/6 hours with a bottle.
This one I followed their advice and gave it a 24! hours decant.
So this 9.5 is for all the people that made this wine! You have silk and silk! A nice acid kick at the end even. Fruit and cinnamon! This is Musar next level. 🙏🏻
— 2 years ago

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Peter van den Besselaar

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Fine description
Ira Schwartz

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@Martijn love the house analogy.


@Ira Schwartz kudos to the hostess at the domain Ira. Loved it too back then.