Verduno, Cuneo

Comm. G.B. Burlotto

Verduno Pelaverga 2019

Lots of fresh cherry on the nose and palate. A little sour on the finish in a pleasant way. Light in color and on the tongue., but not lacking in oomph. Some alcohol in the nose should be gone in a year or two. — 10 days ago

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Otin Fiorin Piè Rupestris-Nebioli Barolo Nebbiolo 2012

This bottle was the fourth and final bottle part of our Barolo ensemble, generously shared and curated by our friend Tim.

Served blind, like the others, after a lengthy slow-ox. We were all aware that we were drinking Barolo but all other details were hidden from us. This bottle showed no visual signs of age. It was actually quite gorgeous to behold with a deep ruby core and bright disk. The bouquet was powerful; the most powerful of the four we experienced on this night. Cherries, strawberries, raspberries, exotic spices, tar, roses, dried herbs...even a bit of an umami thing was happening...everything was on full display! The finish was long and savory. Almost gave me the feeling of a buzz button which, I have only encountered once before in wine.

Of the four Barolos, on this night and to my palate, this exhibited the most sizzle. I was well and truly smitten. When this was revealed to be the 2012 Cappellano “Pie Rupestris”, it became an Archimedes moment for me...short of running through the town naked. Until now, I had only tried Cappellano’s Barbera d’Alba and Chinato; both extraordinary wines. This fits squarely into my wheelhouse and has become a new benchmark for me; recalling a similar experience to my first Lignier “Clos de la Roche”. A monumental wine that is already drinking so well but has everything necessary to age with grace for decades to come. Scary thing? There remains upside, I’m sure of it.
— 10 days ago

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Cantina Bartolo Mascarello

Barolo Nebbiolo 2009

This bottle was part of a really fun ensemble of Barolos, generously shared and curated by our friend Tim.

Served blind after a lengthy slow-ox, the group of us knew we were drinking Barolo but that’s it. Visually, there were no obvious signs of age. Cherries were the predominate fruit characteristic and those at the table agreed there was a savory nature to this wine that was quite attractive. Super dry and tannic. Balanced. By all accounts, a very good, elegant wine.

That being said, on this night, to my palate, I got the sense that this didn’t exhibit the energy shown by two of the other examples on the table (but clearly more than one that seemed to show quite a bit of age). The fruit just wasn’t as laser focused and it seemed to be missing something that the other three had. I have to admit that I was a bit surprised after this was revealed to be a 2009 Barolo Mascarello with impeccable provenance. Now it has me wondering about the 2009 vintage in general. Are they just going through a phase or are they losing steam? Maybe the warmth of the vintage is playing a role in its development. I’d love to revisit this wine again sometime.
— 11 days ago

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Ceccherini Cristiano

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@Jay Kline agreed! Should be left aside for children or grand children 😓😓 isn't going to happen i am afraid though
Jay Kline

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@Ceccherini Cristiano I actually have some 2009 Barolo laid down for my daughter...we’ll see
Ceccherini Cristiano

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@Jay Kline good on ya mate 🤙

Castello di Verduno

Basadone Verduno Pelaverga 2019

lovely nose of cherries and red flowers. a slight bit of menthal too. very floral and herbal palate, dried flowers is the dominant flavor profile. lighter bodied and smooth. it’s a really pretty wine — 16 days ago

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Cascina Luisin

Rabajà Barbaresco Nebbiolo 2011

Mid to deep Ruby in colour. Plenty happening on the nose with menthol, balsamic notes, dried rose petals, cherry, loam and mushrooms. On the medium weight palate a savoury cherry note with liquorice finishing with very fine, light powdery earthy tannins. The description that sums up this wine best is classy restraint. It is Rabaja after all. The quality of the 55 year old vines showing through. Matured in large Austrian Oak botti so next to zero oak influence. An enjoyable wine. — 4 days ago

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Fratelli Monchiero

Barolo Nebbiolo 1985

This bottle was the third part of a really fun ensemble of Barolos, generously shared and curated by our friend Tim.

Once again, served blind after a lengthy slow-ox; all the while knowing we were drinking Barolo but that’s it. This bottle had rather obvious signs of age with loads of sediment (though most was decanted off) and a rather pronounced orange rim. On the nose, there was tar for dayzzzz! Secondary characteristics were dominant with dried cherries, balsamico, earth, and truffles. The finish was savory and delicious.

I was sure this was old but I wasn’t sure how old. Revealed as a 1985 Fratelli Monchiero, a producer I was unfamiliar with. Our host mentioned that it came across DOA when the cork was pulled but his experience with old Barolo proved this had a chance to come around; I’m so grateful he showed the patience necessary. A lovely experience.
— 10 days ago

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Fratelli Alessandria

Speziale Verduno Pelaverga 2019

Love this stuff. Light red fruit with a touch of pepper. — 16 days ago

Randy Todorovich
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Pajore Barbaresco Nebbiolo 2016

The approach here is one of minimal intervention: indigenous yeasts, no fining or filtering. No insecticides are used and only organic fertilizers are used, and only minimally. Natural cover crops (grass cover) are left in the rows between the vines and are mowed 2 or 3 times a year. In autumn the soil of every other row between the vines is tilled. Each of their four cru Barbarescos are given the same treatment to allow the uniqueness of each cru to express itself. Fermentation is done in oak, of which about 30% is new, followed by 18-20 months in neutral barriques. Peppery and herbal with an excellent blend of cranberry and dark fruit. Rather inviting for a young Nebbiolo, with a tannic kick but not so much it rips your face off. Well worth the money. — 5 days ago

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Vigna Scot Dolcetto d'Alba 2019

Quite dark in color and on the slighly viscous side; red and blue fruit on the nose with liquorice, cow stable scents, and sweet candy notes; medium alcohol (feels higher than the 12.5%), and acids, cherries and blueberries, and a nutty medium-long finish. Well made and true to the saying that Dolcettos are the Italian Beaujolais (which I usually don’t agree with). — 3 days ago

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Azienda Agricola Brovia

Villero Barolo Nebbiolo 2008

This bottle was also part of the really fun ensemble of Barolos, generously shared and curated by our friend Tim.

Again, served blind after a lengthy slow-ox and we knew we were drinking Barolo but that’s it. No obvious signs of age. On the nose, bright red fruits, herbs, dead flowers and tar...but was all knees and elbows, even with all of the air it was given. Abundant structure. This had to be a classic case of yet to be realized potential.

The shroud was pulled and...I’ll be damned, a 2008 Brovia “Villero”. I’m sort of surprised how much of an infant this wine seemed to be. I have little doubt these will age gracefully for decades to come.
— 10 days ago

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