The Rhône Room

Domaine des Rosiers

Drevon Côte-Rôtie Syrah 2015

Great bottle of wine from Northern Rhône. A blend of 98% Syrah and 2% Viognier, aromas dark fruits with notes of toast, espresso and cigar box spice. On the palate sweet blackberry and plum flavors with cacao and tobacco notes. Good balance with fine soft tannins, long ending with earthy mineral character. Developing nicely and has lots of room to age. Consistently good. A Fav! — 16 days ago

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Château de la Gardine

Rasteau Red Rhône Blend 2016

2016 vintage. A blend of Grenache (75%) and Syrah. Full-bodied and spicy with soft tannin and remarkably fresh. Long peppery finish. A good introduction to the more famous Chateauneuf-du-Pape wines from this estate at about half the price. Abv. 14%. — 11 days ago

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Ludovic Courbis

Cornas Syrah

Wow. There is nothing like this that I’ve had in the Rhone. The flavor profile is syrah. But the texture and profile is Chambolle. Crazy.

Nose is pressed dried flowers. Lavender. Lilacs. These precocious but elegant berries. Almost like brilliant old school barbera

Palate is so elegantly juicy. Texture to die for. Cherry flower extract. Lilac extract.

Wow. Somehow I feel transported to France. The character is so old school French. So authentic.

Bought from fass selections
— 15 days ago

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Lyle Fass

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The label tells you what this wine is going to be.

Domaine Auguste Clape

Cornas Syrah 1998

Purple tawny color, almost opaque. Notes of red and black fruit, earth/dirt, stone, ash and some cedar wood. Next to the 75 Haut Brion beside it, the noses are ironically similar - with only the color of the wines being a good distinguishing factor. Got better and better with air... at hour 5, this was at its peak performance. Overall, a good but not great Cornas. — 8 days ago

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Domaine Jean-Louis Chave

L'Hermitage Syrah 2008

Robe pourpre
Nez délicat fruit rouge et pierre chaude note florale à l’air
Bouche dense et complexe quel vin sur un millesime complexe ... la classe
— 6 days ago

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Domaine Gallet

Côte Rôtie Syrah 2017

Lyle Fass

Nose is lovely but starts off a bit funky. Gorgeous minerals and florals. Elegant snd delicate like Gallet can be. Game, herbs and meat. Sweat. From working in the fields. Major terroir wine here. Palate is juicy, lush, elegant, delicate and pure. A bit closed but all parts are there and it’s just paint by numbers at this point as it airs. Long finish. Terrific fruit soak and concentration. Shows the succulence and fruit forward quality of 2017 and those sweet velvety tannins. After three hours the texture gets so silky. Awesome great sweetness and meatness. — 6 days ago

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M. Chapoutier

l'Ermite Ermitage Syrah 2008

40+1 birthday celebration. Amazing Northern Rhône Syrah paired with lamb ala romerie. Dark fruit, smoke, and a singular iron feel. Cheers. — 7 days ago

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🙏🏻 Thank you.
Ron R

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Happy birthday bud!


Thanks @Ron R. Making up for the confinement in April 2020.

Domaine Lafond

Roc-Epine Lirac Grenache Blend 2010

Rolled the dice on this older Lirac and got lucky. Beautifully aged Grenache displaying pure, ripe strawberries, plum, gravel, black tea, leather, and earth. Super soft tannins, m+ acid, and a long complex finish. Will go perfectly with the lamb chops we’re grilling for dinner. — 6 days ago

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Guillaume Gilles

Nouvelle Les Rieux Cornas Syrah 2018

Lyle Fass

Take 2! As they ate my note. Third time this has happened now and all the same way. Seems a new bug is upon us. Gorgeous version of this and the best one yet. Nose of olive, cracked pepper, roasted and smoked meats, black/red berries. Huge granite and mashed violets. Stunningly pretty wine. So juicy and pure with perfect balance between fruit, granite, olive/meat and acid. Elegant and there but not there tannins. Finish could be a bit longer but on pop and pour this is an easy 9.5. — 14 days ago

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I do notes outside the App, then paste, safer this way for the buggy software here which never gets updated.
Andrew Schirmer

Andrew Schirmer

I think they never figured out how to properly monetize it and are letting it die on the vine...maybe they’ll sell? Shame b/c it’s a terrific app/community with better UX than CT.
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@Severn Goodwin usually I copy the note before I enter it. Forgot this time. @Andrew Schirmer but it was already bought from people who couldn’t monetize it! Really thought Galloni and team could do it.


St. Joseph Syrah 2012

Very composed and subtle Syrah from Northern Rhone with some age on it. Burnt red on the eye. Lots of black cherry on the nose, some blood and only a hint of white pepper. The mouthfeel is elegant; full bodied, medium alcohol with powerful black fruit but equally powerful with earth, iron, soft tannings, and a decadent finish. Amazing find. Vigneron: Natasha Chave. If you don’t know who she is, you probably should. — 6 days ago

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She sure does. Let me what shop that is. We’d love to get some more.
Daniel Bloom

Daniel Bloom

Only place I found it .