North Carolina, Usa

Raffaldini Vineyards

Swan Creek Sagrantino

Plum Apricot- stone fruit on the nose. Pear on the palate with ripe lingering note. Peach hints. Not sweet but delicate. Toasting the return of power after Florence. I’m not truthful about location. Verandas had chimney fall through two floors so I’m roasting their and my leaking Visctorian’s speedy recovery and those still without power to chill. This is a NC wine so supporting local as farms are underwater close by. Sad song plays on lingering breeze. Chain saws fell mighty oaks. This glass and more are needed to remember- and raise- to stay strong! — 17 hours ago

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Dawn Emory

Dawn Emory

@Diane Withrow My thoughts are with you and everyone...😪
Diane Withrow

Diane Withrow

Thanks. This too shall pass

Biltmore Estate

Reserve North Carolina Riesling 2017

It’s good and I normally don’t like Riesling — 22 days ago

Shadow Springs

Viognier 2017

Light and crisp. Bright acidity. Great wine perfect for summer. — 23 days ago

Biltmore Estate

American Merlot

Very strong smooth flavor. Dark flavors that are delicious. — 16 hours ago

Biltmore Estate

American Chenin Blanc

Not too dry, not too sweet — 15 days ago

Duplin Winery

White Sangria

Great wine for relaxing love the fruity flavors very sweet — 25 days ago

Hyde De Villaine

Ygnacia Los Carneros Pinot Noir 2014

14’ HDV YGNACIA Pinot Noir. Decant for 30 + . Complexity on this wine is amazing. Classic - Blackberries, black cherry. Crushed raspberries throughout the palate. The back of the palate finished with a 💥 vanilla spice, touch of cherry. It lingers around for a good 45+ seconds. Not heavy, yet bold & intense. Quite expressive! Edit - Hour in the decanter & the front of the palate has opened up . Personally I would drink them up in the next 3/4 years. — 18 hours ago

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David L

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@Eric Shanks Believe I get it.
Ron R

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Great notes @David L 😃
Ron R

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Great notes @David L 😃

Biltmore Estate

Limited Release American Gewürztraminer

Only one in the group that really liked this. — 12 days ago

Biltmore Estate


Reminiscing about our visit to the Biltmore Estate! Chihuly at night was spectacular! — 20 days ago

Twisted Sisters

Cabana Boy Just Peachy White Blend

Liz S

Yummy sweet white wine — 22 days ago