Madiran, Southwest France

Château Maresque

Cuvée Thomas Gaillac 2010

Vintage 2010 / Very nice wine from Gaillac which impressed me when young. It ripened beautiful although little miracle happened. Sultry smell with morello cherries and spicyness. Power in taste. 35% syrah 35% braucol 15% merlot 15% cabernet sauvignon / Paired with pasta cabbage and fontina ‘al forno’ — 5 days ago

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Domaine Philemon

Croix D'Azal Gaillac Rouge 2016

Natural wine at green zebra. Has deep purple color but has a good spice taste to it. — 9 days ago

Château Tour des Gendres

Pet' Nat' Bergerac Sauvignon Blanc

Love it. Prickly apple cider with a lot of acidity — 5 days ago

Château Puy-Servain

Haut-Montravel 2003

2003 vintage. Complex honey almond-praline flavors, herbal on he nose and long, long on the finish. The acidity washes away the sweetness, leaving a lovely minerality on the finish. — 23 days ago

Château Barréjat

Tradition Madiran Tannat 2016

Pepper, dark dried cherry and oak. Tannins definitely pull on your cheeks but are soft. — 24 days ago

Happy Vines Wines

Sauvignon Blanc

Fiance and I enjoyed it. Nothing amazing but nothing bad to say about it. Perfect balance of sweet and dry for me and her both, and the flavors were present and not over bearing to two brand new wine drinkers. Can't really describe the flavors because I don't know how yet but maybe I'll try again one day. I give this one a toot! 6/10 — 8 days ago

Gaston Legrand

Vieil-Armagnac 1955

Holy shit - soft and long elegant. Carmel rounded — 20 days ago

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Château Barouillet

Splash! Sémillon

Wow. All I got to say is this tastes like like a Kodak dark room developer dropped into a stop bath and your friend dared you to chug it. Lights out. Break the light bulb and chew the glass your mouth is full of blood and the finish feels like the beginning of a heavy mushroom trip. Body full of ants with no gravity. Hail satin. A+ — 8 days ago

Château du Cèdre (Verhaeghe et Fils)

Le Cèdre Cahors Malbec 2015

Smooth and brighter than expected. Still has that earthiness of a Cahors. — 10 days ago

Clos La Coutale

Coutale Rosé Cahors Malbec 2018

Really nice. A bit on the straightforward side, but super drinkable and juicy, really lingers. Almost like the wine version of cranberry juice. — 16 days ago