Loire Valley Sauvignon Blanc

Clos du Tue-Boeuf

Le Buisson Pouilleux Touraine Sauvignon Blanc 2015

Wow- this is sooo opulent. Nose is honeyed with some definite botrytis, aromas of golden apple, baked apple, golden raisin, tangerine, and some buttered popcorn. Baklava, pistachio and pastry notes. All on the nose. Then the palate, it’s a pretty flawless follow-up. Enveloping, with the roundest mouth-coating acidity, dialed up to just the right level, and complemented with a touch of RS. The finish is lingering. Really, the perfect package for what this is. Age has done wonders. If anything’s wrong with it, it may be just a bit too rich for most occasions. Still this is such an impressive piece of craftsmanship.

In terms of lifespan, it seems to be in a sweet spot between primary fruit and secondary right now, with both beautifully integrated. I only wish I had another bottle in the cellar to see what this might become.
— 13 days ago

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Chris Shultz

Chris Shultz

Is this the current release or does it come out more quickly?
Josh Morgenthau

Josh Morgenthau

@Chris Shultz I’ve had this in the cellar for a few years. I think the current is ‘18
Erik Longabardi

Erik Longabardi

Fascinating wines!

Louis-Benjamin Dagueneau

Silex Pouilly-Fumé Sauvignon Blanc 2009

Rich and pure, white flowers and grapefruit dominate an incredibly complex and mature white. Fantastic, feels structured enough to go for a long while. — 4 days ago

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Maison Sallé

Pouilly - Fume Sauvignon Blanc 2017

Fresh, fragrant & crisp acidity with vibrant flavors of grapefruit & lemon. Great weekend to all! Cheers🍷 — 7 days ago

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Michel Redde et Fils

La Moynerie Pouilly-Fumé Sauvignon Blanc 2016

Last bottle, wish we had bought more. 🤷‍♂️ Life goes forward none the less... Solid still, prior notes apply:

Nose has tart green apple, confectionery sugar, white flowers, cold lemon, under-ripe white peach and crushed rock. Interesting, could almost be perceived as (dry) Riesling...

Palate has tart green apple, fresh cucumber, lemon peel, lemon flesh, grapefruit peel and (light) limestone/mineral notes. Fun wine, great QPR at $24.
— 19 hours ago

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Domaine François Cotat

La Grande Côte Sancerre Sauvignon Blanc 2014

Lyle Fass

What a nose, yellow plum, melon, apricot pith, apricot skins, kumqwat, gooseberry, tropical hints, superb acidity, huge power, depth and concentration. The structure is grand cru and so imposing. Huge acids now with air. Lemons and mineral. Burgundian wet earth, gorgeous. Fine grained, fleshy, dry, complex. — 4 days ago

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Domaine Vacheron

Sancerre Sauvignon Blanc 2018

Inviting nose of lime, lemon verbena, orange blossom, grapefruit pith, Granny Smith & Bosc pear

Elegant palate that starts creamy, moves to sherbet, then goes flinty, with slight flower petal finish
— 11 days ago

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David T

David T Influencer Badge

Nicely framed.

Domaine Vacheron

Les Romains Sancerre Sauvignon Blanc 2017

Delicious. Slight notes of peach and a little oak. Very well balanced. — 7 days ago

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Domaine Pascal Cotat

La Grande Côte Sancerre Sauvignon Blanc 2014

Yellow plums and a range of stone fruit, especially the fragrant skins, and excellent wet stone minerals, like a very clear cool country pool in the morning. Very round mouthfeel, round acids like green grapes, gooseberry, rounded out with kiwi. It’s super green and yellow in tasting color spectrum, somewhat violet purple in a synesthesia way. It’s really ripe and really tight, like a pro athlete just hitting her peak. See @Lyle Fass notes — 4 days ago

Lyle Fass
with Lyle
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Aravind Asok

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The palate is freshest around 11am, right, haha.
Chris Shultz

Chris Shultz

Absolutely. Gotta start before it’s fatigued by everything else in the day
Lyle Fass9.5

Domaine Charpentier

Saint-Vincent Reuilly Sauvignon Blanc 2016

It's rather mineral on the nose : limestone, crushed oyster shells and there is a hint of lemon and some whiter flower. The palate is very well balanced. There is a strong acid backbone, some sitckyness/thickness on the sides. Some nice lemony notes carry on throughout the whole palate end during a fresh and almost flowery finish. Fresh, fun, not fancy but very fine. — 12 days ago

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Les Monts Damnés Chavignol Sancerre Sauvignon Blanc 2018

More focused than the Boulay MD I recently posted. But after three bottles of (relatively) high end 2018 Sancerre, I’m thinking this vintage isn’t for me. — 9 days ago

Sarah Bignami
with Sarah
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