Languedoc Roussillon, France

Domaine du Possible

Charivari Côtes du Roussillon 2016

I like the style of these Domaine du Possible wines. They aren’t shy to barnyard and mouse. These animal instincts make for an interesting intersection of funk, mineral, and fresh fruit. You get the sense they are untouched. Charivari is 100% Carignan and nicely expressive. It has a glowing ruby color with raspberry, cherry hard candy, and musty cage. Completely fresh and all in good balance. — a day ago

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Hecht & Bannier (Gregory & Francois)

Languedoc Vin Rouge Syrah Blend 2015


Musty and dry. Mild. The sweet fruit notes are very subtle. The smell on opening is a bit barny, but it dissipates in the glass. It’s an easy drinker that would pair with just about any sturdy fish or any meat. Great price. Lovely wine. — 3 days ago

Daumas Gassac

Mas de Daumas Gassac Cabernet Sauvignon Blend 2006

Charles Antin

This has to be one of the better values for those that don’t want Bordeaux — 7 days ago

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Cuvée Marguerite Côtes Catalanes Blanc Viognier Muscat 2017

This is a deliciously interesting and idiosyncratic beery wine of hazy dried apricots. Some light effervescence and tannic grip mixes into a complex nervy texture. It has unmistakable upfront aromas of West Coast IPA hops accompanied by white flowers, baking spice, nutmeg, and tangerine. It’s light bodied with flavors of salty peaches, grapefruit, and white flowers. And extra points for 10% ABV and zero residual sugar. The Matassa wines are so good and Cuvée Marguerite is no exception. — 4 days ago

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The Brothers Soulier

The Clastre 2017

One of the more delicious and lively wines I’ve had in a while. Bright strawberry fruit, white pepper, dirt and anise. — 3 days ago

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Côtes Catalanes Chardonnay

Really good bargain. Very well made, full bodied Chardonnay from the Rousillon, no oak but aged on the lees, apple, lemon, biscuit, some tropical notes. — 8 days ago

Les Creisses

Vin de Pays d'Oc Syrah Blend 2013

Robe noire
Nez zan réglisse et boisé terrifié
Bouche ample plutôt ronde à l ouverture devenant plus marquée et dure avec l air
Gros boisé grosse matière encore mal fondus
A attendre mais n ira pas sur la finesse
— 6 days ago

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Barons de Rothschild (Lafite)

Chateau d'Aussieres Corbières Red Rhone Blend 2014

Черешня, корица, очень сочно. Элегантно, даже красиво. Прям понравилось. Редко найдешь нормальную Францию не по цене чугунного моста. — 8 days ago

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La Sorga

Aubunite Carcassonne Aubun Carignan

A trip to funky town in a bottle, sparkling Lambrusco gone mad. Hard to tell the faults from the finesse, but halfway through the bottle you ask for a second one. Definitely chill before opening, this is Sparkling Carignan done right. — 6 days ago

Domaine d'Aupilhac

Lou Maset Languedoc Red Rhone Blend 2016


Great bottle for drinking on a lazy Sunday watching football. — 17 days ago

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