Languedoc Roussillon, France

Domaine La Tour Vieille

Rimage Banyuls Grenache 2009

Really interesting wine fortified but not to a large degree (16.5 ABV) mushroom and spice super late picked strawberry jam and wood background in the mouth the Rhonish character comes out ( not as heavy as port) — 2 days ago

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Douglas Braun

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Spice evident in the mouth as well

Bastide Miraflors

Cotes Catalanes Vieilles Vignes Syrah-Grenache Blend 2016

Always a good purchase.
Prune juice nose with a bit of pomegranate mixed in,
Medium bodied, with lovely baked pie layers, fresh pie dough, currant filing, hint of lemon zest, with just enough popsicle stick tannin to carry this on.
Always a great purchase.
— 4 days ago

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Great decanter! Sounds delicious!🍷

Domaine de Rancy

Rivesaltes Ambré Vin Doux Naturel 2011

Had this with the Toffee and smoked pecan dessert, paired perfectly. Also paired great with banana ice cream and caramel popcorn. — 4 days ago

Château Lanégly

La Côte Languedoc Red Blend

Excellent pair with smoked turkey, and other fatty substances, such as nuts and coconuts. Very subtle in its compliments — 7 days ago

Mas Jullien

Coteaux du Languedoc 2005

Was frankly stunned by the elegance and freshness here, particularly given my own review of the ‘07 earlier this year, which was not nearly so giving. Vintage (and bottle) variation are real. In any case this was really beautiful and walked that delicate balance between refined grace and animal / rustic notes that I love, with firm but smooth tannins — 3 days ago

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Domaine Rimbert

Le Mas au Schiste Saint-Chinian Carignan Blend 2016

Any producer that can somehow bring sadomasochism into wine should be congratulated. I had this several years ago and it’s interesting how it’s changed. It’s become more brutish, pun intended. it’s a bigger wine. In the past I loved it’s cinnamon notes and lighter texture but now it feels like there’s more Syrah or perhaps global warming has just caught up to it. Berkshires buy, from the summer. — 17 days ago

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Peter van den Besselaar

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Fascinating to see how wine develops. Nice description.


Cap d'Agde Côtes de Thau Rosé Blend 2018

Tastes of strawberries and peach, not too sweet, bit acidic. Easy to drink. Would bring to friends nights. — 3 days ago


Félicette Pays d'Oc Grenache Rouge 2016

A pleasant little wine. Bright red with purple hues.

Medium tannins. Nice acidity.

Easy drinking, juicy and youthful.

•12.5% ABV• November 24, 2019
— 12 days ago

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@Trixie Trixie nice post have a great week Cheers 🍷


@P A And you as well!😀

Les Vignerons De La Méditerranée

Mythique Languedoc Red Blend 2017

Nice deep granate color, fantastic bouquet, fruity, berries and jam aromas, cassis. Vanilla and hints of pepper. Medium body and very sweet tannins — 4 days ago

Domaine Ollier Taillefer

Rosé Les Collines Faugères 2018

"the geology and elevation give bright aromatics in fresh toothsome flavors to this rose wine, a hand-harvested blend of Cinsault 40%, Grenache 30%, Syrah 20%, Mourvedre 10%. It's rose but it's not your typical pinkish hue. It's paler, like wallpaper bleached by the sun. you will find hints of black fruit, a product of the razor sharp schist rock that makes up the top layer of soil in this region. aficionados of the language dark region instantly spot that telltale trace of garrigue - the bushy fragrant vegetation that grows on the Mediterranean." — 11 days ago