Bajola Di Alice Iacono

Forio Dell'isola D'Ischia White Blend 2016

This is impressive. I'd say that it's the most complete "natural" wine I've ever tasted. Great complexity and clean tasting with only the slightest home of the funk associated with the long skin contact whites. Very good indeed. — 5 hours ago

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Locations Wine

I Red Barbera Blend

Smokey plummy nose. Rosey, light-bodied oaky and cheese-philic. Mouth-drying stringency on the finish. Like the E5, I must revisit this Phinney delight in crystal, step it up from this shit hotel water vase. Yet it still uplifts a long day of work on the road. — 17 days ago

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Il Palazzone

Rosso del Palazzone Vino da Tavola Sangiovese

Made from at least two different vintages and vineyards in three different areas of Montalcino. Looked up the lot number and it notes that this wine was bottled in March 2016, made from 2011 and 2014 vintages, two years in which the estate opted not to produce Brunello. Based on the sourcing pedigree and the price point, this wine is a QPR winner! — 2 days ago

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Arianna Occhipinti

SP68 Bianco Terre Siciliane Albanello Muscat of Alexandria 2017

Really overdelivers for the price. Hazy gold color, white flowers and lemon verbena on the nose, exotic palate of grapefruit, tangerine, stone fruit and honey. Would be wonderful with any regional cuisine ringing the Mediterranean. Don’t recall ever being disappointed by Ochippinti — 2 days ago

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6 P.M. Il Nostro Aperitvo

This sits squarely between Campari and Aperol in terms of sweetness and complexity. All natural (unlike the food color number 5 used for the mass produced drinks) it's certainly well made but I yearn for more bitterness. — 4 days ago

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Pasqual Vena & Figli

Amaro Lucano

‘Tis fortunate concerned friends are sending amaro my way. Supes into this. The friend who sent it my way despises licorice. Which I adore. So tasting note number one: licorice/anise. But like light citrus and herbes de Provence. I adore it. — 16 days ago

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Paul Treadway Huntington Beacher Bum

Paul Treadway Huntington Beacher Bum

I draw the line at Red Vines,
Ellen Clifford

Ellen Clifford Influencer Badge Premium Badge

@Paul Treadway Huntington Beacher Bum so I take it you are missing out on the joys of absinthe? Well...I guess to each their own—I can’t—or haven’t, I should say—developed appreciation for smoky booze so I get it. But gosh I do love the licorice flavor

Baglio di Grisi

Terre Siciliane Syrah 2016

Baglio di Grisi 2016 nero d’avolo from Sicily -DOC. The bouquet is Blackberry cobbler after a 45 min decant. The initial palate is a beautiful blackberry and cherry fruit. There is a blast of spice and pepper! Just like a shiraz. This is the Shiraz of Sicily. The mid palate also brings on some oak. Then the finish leaves a sweet buttery dry finish. OMG This is my new favorite wine because it’s only $13 and the taste is incredible. I am buying a case of this. Now I want to blend this with a cab! — 8 days ago

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todd herron DPM

todd herron DPM Premium Badge

This is my first exposure to Italian wines! Im used to my California wines. I love learning about new wines.
Phil A

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@todd herron DPM there are so many great Old World wines. Mrs A and I like to explore the labels from off the beaten path produced generally by families that simply love good wines. We been to California several times and although there are many great wines produced there it is hard to meet the actual vintners and just talk a walk the vineyard. Cheers 🎂
Phil A

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@todd herron DPM Todd make that a Cheers 🍷🍷

Frank Cornelissen

Etna Rosso del Contadino 2016

Frank has this one figured out. Can’t ask for a better day drinking light funky red. WOTD. — 3 days ago

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Ted Corvey

Ted Corvey


Marchesi Antinori

Tignanello Toscana Super Tuscan Blend 1985

Color : Red
Wine estate : Marchesi Antinori
Designation : Toscana
Name : Tignanello (Tignanella 💕)
Country : Italy
Vivino : 5/5
Note : I present you the Tignanella and its pink label! Thanks the fading of another bottle, I ended up with this 1985.
Of course, the wine had not moved and was incredible. A sublime dark purple-red robe. A nose that transports us to Tuscany with fresh notes of leather, cherry and flowers. The elegance of Sangiovese and silk tannins gives us a beautiful length with a structured and beautiful finale.
Je vous présente la Tignanella et son étiquette rose ! Merci la décoloration d’une autre bouteille, je me suis retrouvé avec ce 1985.
Bien évidemment, le vin n’avait pas bougé et était incroyable. Une robe sublime foncée, violet-rouge. Un nez qui nous transporte en Toscane avec des notes fraîche de cuir, cerise et fleurs. L’élégance du Sangiovese et des tannins de soie nous donne une belle longueur avec un final structuré et magnifique.
👍🏻Vivino, FB : GabWine | IG : gabriel_dvl 🥂
— 5 days ago

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Phil A

Phil A Premium Badge

@GabWine nice review and pic Cheers 🍷

Azienda Agricola il Borghetto

Bilaccio Sangiovese 2014

Pure Sangiovese, again in a medium-weight and elegant style with minimal extraction. The most primary of the three Borghetto wines, showing pure red fruit and hints of toast. Tons of spice character, great intensity and freshness. Slightly malic fruit quality of tart cherry, pomegranate, licorice, anise, tobacco leaf. Slightly green tannins, bitter fruit pit and basalm coming through. Palate dominated by spice and bitter red fruit. Quite austere but still my favorite of this range for its nerve, intensity and future potential. Really needs 3-5 years in bottle, but should reward patience when the fruit comes together. — 11 days ago

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