Vino Rosso N.3 2016

Nose of black cherries and mushrooms. Before food: Taste of cocoa powder then dark berry jam, then a touch of black pepper. Total food wine like most Italian red. With food, tastes of earth, tobacco, and black pepper dominate. — 3 days ago

Heather Dillaway
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Il Duca Imperiale 1917

Peach Semi-Sweet Sparkling Blend

This peach wine is not over peachy like you are chewing on peach candy.

Great peach sweetness balance with a balance of acidity.

I would recommend this to anyone that is just getting into wine or likes peach wine but not that super sweet over powering peach.
— 4 days ago

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Civitas Pecorino

2018 vintage. Nicely rounded and character-ful, much more so than any other Pecorino I've tried. Dried chamomile, white tea, white peach, yellow pear, Honeycrisp apple, peach blossom. — 5 days ago

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il signor kurtz

L'Essenziale Vino Rosso

AMAZING! Blend of white and red “grab bag” of grapes from a small parcel in Umbria. Juicy, fresh, delicious. — 5 days ago

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Torre San Quirico s.s.a.

SommoClivo Cru Nebbiolo 2011

Unbelievable smell and taste of Thym herbs - perfect wine for lamb meat ! Only 4000 Bottles ! — 6 days ago

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Tenuta Col Falco

Montefalco Sagrantino 2014

Old skool. Wonderful. Nose is like a young port crossed with lilac jam. Amazingly powerful and beautiful. Palate is blackberries and a hint of chocolate. Sweet and perfectly dense blackberries. Wow.

Too young and needs an hour decant but what a wine.

Man the nose is elegant.

Super traditional.

This wine is like a tank ballerina. Preposterously densely elegant on the nose. Palate is dense big fruit. Spice. Pleasurable. Almost two wines in one. But the nose is l33t.

Bought from fass selections.
— 20 days ago

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Il Borro

Toscana Red Blend 2015

Fantastic and reasonably priced, rich and big-bodied Tuscan. Lots of wood and beef blood with a jammy component. Compelling nose of brambly dark red fruit. Leather all about, which shouldn’t surprise anyone in a wine made by Ferragamo... I’d give this a year or two to sort out, score likely to improve. Cipriani @ Wynn LV (which Foursquare couldn’t find, I hate that app) — 7 days ago

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Rosso Red Blend 2018

La vez pasada almorzando en un restaurante de pastas me pedí un plato de ñoquis con una salsa a los 4 quesos ¡extraordinarios! llevé este Rosso Mistrosanti para acompañar, en vista color rubí, aromas a frutas del bosque sobre todo negras: en boca ingreso amable, especiado, los frutos negros y rojos presentes, sabrosos, ligero en taninos invita a seguir tomando.
temp. de servicio 16° a 18° C, calidad precio buena Saludos

#winelovers #winelover #pisco #piscolover #Lima
#vino #vinos #Italy #Peru

— 2 days ago

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Paolo Bea

Arboreus Umbria IGT Trebbiano 2010

Tsuyoshi Enoki

Bright and deep beautiful orange color, a little sticky, tear drops.
First note like apricot, orange, dried pineapple, almond, nuts, chocolate, second scent of onion, sesame oil, garlic, Katsuo-bushi, and third aroma of vinegar, pickles, plum, rum, barrels, and raisins.
Mild comfortable sweet attack, matured smooth acid, soft and rich UMAMI, with nuance of dried fruit and nuts.
Hint of bitterness conduct the taste, very good balance and long finish.

I enjoyed it for my birthday.
— 5 days ago

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Mario Ercolino

Serello Terre Siciliane Red Blend 2017

Sasarello is brimming with damson and black cherry characters, with hints of black pepper, savory, toasty vanilla notes and elegant tannins, followed by a long ripe finish" — 8 days ago