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Goose Island

Lolita Belgian Style Wild Ale 2013

Greg Ballington

Rosé pink in appearance. A bit sour cherry and raspberries on the nose with some funkiness and tart strawberries. Solid acidity on the palate and very refreshing. A bit of white pepper, tart and bitter strawberries and yeasty. Medium plus finish. Doing well for five years in bottle. — 3 months ago

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@Greg Ballington Cheers 🍻

Lynfred Winery

Marsanne 2013

Very floral 😍 — 4 days ago

Bonny Doon Vineyard

Réserve Vin Gris De Cigare Rosé Grenache Blend 2016

This is a rosé for people who don't drink rosé because they feel there's no complexity there. This is loaded with complexity, starting with the color - is it pink, salmon, copper, onion… - and continuing on the nose, which offers up a hint of funk along with a host of saline, herbal aromas. The palate shows more fruit, but stays in the savory range. Zesty acidity tops off this piece of perfection with poise. — 5 days ago

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Malört Liqueur Malt

Wow that is bitter! 😝 reminds me of grapefruit. Thanks Charles! Bottled by Charles Medley Distillery in the 1960’s! Drinking history right here! — 2 days ago

Goose Island

Goose Island Malt Bourbon County Brand Stout Bramble Rye

This is actually Goose Island Bourbon County Bramble Rye Stout. Intense black fruit jamminess fades into coffee chocolate velvet. Should improve in a few years. — a month ago

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Jim McCusker

Jim McCusker


Belle Meade

Cask Strength Reserve Bourbon

The winner thus far. This is a youthful oak splinter and leather rich nose. Very sharp nose and expected the entry to be the same. NOPE. This is SMoOoOoOoth and rather rounded from front to back. It can sit on your tongue for 10 seconds and you gain a nice bouquet of fig, roasted pecan and walnuts, candied character. Really dense. Wow. You could do shots of this with EASE, but I can certainly imagine how dangerous that would be! — 21 days ago

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Mike Ancuta

Mike Ancuta

@Mark Flesher nice review, I haven’t had this one yet, I’ll have to grab one next time I see one.
Mark Flesher

Mark Flesher

I @Mike Ancuta I was amazed how smooth this one was. Very smooth for a cask. VERY competitively priced. I think you will enjoy it
Andy Demaree

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Sounds delicious!


Single Barrel Rye Whiskey

Oat, Millet side by side. Both fantastic. Oat, super profumato. Millet, more subtle. FE6Z25, KE3P22 — 9 days ago

Goose Island

Juliet Belgian Style Wild Ale 2013

Christopher Losa

from 2013. deliciously balanced sour. berry sweetness upfront quickly yields to tart soft sourness. exceptional. one of the top 5 ales i’ve had. — 21 days ago

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Herman Story

Nuts & Bolts California Syrah 2016

Shay A

This is my second Herman Story wine. Normally, I’d sock my ‘16 Syrahs away for years, but I’ve seen reviews say this is so enjoyable young, so I decided to experiment. This is like rocket fuel...full throttle. BUT, it stops short of being out of balance/gloopy. These wines make me think this winemaker, named Russell, is like the Russell Bevan version of Paso Rhône varietals...big, bold, & delicious in style.

After only 30mins, this revealed some smoked meat, peppercorn, olive and underripe blackberry. Some sage as well. Massive on the palate...all sorts of dark, ripe fruit with a sweetened core. Bacon fat, roasted plum, and baked berry pie. This is hedonistic in style and not for the faint of heart, but it does a good job of restraining itself from where it could go. A fun wine.
— 11 days ago

Weston EidsonMark Flesher
with Weston and Mark
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Kirk F

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@Shay A you are right on about Russell From. He is a big personality and fun to be around. He visited our home in 2010 on one of his ‘Casula Encounters’ tours. We had a blast! Yet to get to Paso but it is on our short list!
Mark Flesher

Mark Flesher

This wine poured like motor oil into the glass, and even stained the sides when swirling! The entry is a full throttle gingerbread spice cookie with plums and figs to the middle. Really wasn't getting much of a savory note at all in the first two-thirds of this wine The finish of this wine is just as dense as the front and middle. This is where some of the savory grilled meat characteristics showed, but it was just enough. More fruit, less funk. This one definitely has the structure to last 10 years.... but with it drinking this well, why wait? Great pull @Shay A


This is full tilt!