Gavi, Alessandria

Vigneti Massa

Costa del Vento Derthona Colli Tortonesi Timorasso 2012

This was a fascinating Italian White from Piemonte. This is 100% Timorasso a varietal that was rescued from near obscurity by Walter Massa. It’s native and unique to the Colli Tortonesi. In the past many growers were ripping out Timorosso and planting the more prolific and boring Cortese (Gavi). Thank God for Massa once you taste this. Mid Gold in colour. Rich and textural with notes of fruit salad and honey. Apparently aged versions show petrol like aged Riesling. Amazingly zero new oak. On the palate an absolute fruit salad of flavours with a note of guava. Medium Acid. A flat out delicious wine which I will definitely seek out in the future. Could keep this in the short term but irresistible now. Bought at Roscioli in Rome @Ceccherini Cristiano - your old haunt as a sommelier. One of the 1001 Wines. — 6 days ago

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Ceccherini Cristiano

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Hey, that is a very good find
Derthona is a name that means timorasso and no oak
You will find other little winemakers labeling Derthona their own wines
I reckon that thanks to Valter Massa we have found in Italy a true expression of terror
Also too the Costa del Vento that Valter produces is indeed an exceptional wine, it has a period in oak(I think big barrel), but the result is an extraordinarily nectar that finds a perfect balance after a few years
Indeed it is believed that the timorasso is related somehow to riesling apparently
We will hear about this grape and This Colli Tortonesi area in the future
Thanks for the tag, I did tagged u back on a old Massa review I did
Thanks again mate
Bob McDonald

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@Ceccherini Cristiano Thanks for your detailed response. I think Enoteca Sileno in Melbourne are the importers.

Luigi Tacchino

Gavi Cortese

Куплено в Eden Island Mall всего за 20$ и выпито 19.05 .19 Достойное кортезе - после 2-х часового сноркелинга и часового дайвинга пошла на ура!Можно поискать в России. — a month ago

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I don't usually drink whites but I can now appreciate why this is regarded as a princely brand! — 17 days ago

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Lemons and not quite ripe quince w a touch of apricot. Some green herbs. Refreshing and a good everyday white. — a month ago

Heather Dillaway
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