Gérard Bertrand

Gérard Bertrand

La Forge Boutenac Corbières Carignane 2015

Cassis, licorice, herbal. Needed 24 hours to come to life, luckily it was opened with a few other bottles and lasted — 3 days ago

Bertrand Galbrun

"Antidote" Grolleau 2018

A spicy meatball! Full bodied but so drinkable and smooth. Grolleau is my shit, but yo, add some Cab Franc combo? ah very nice! — a day ago

Matthew Swajkowski

Matthew Swajkowski

$21 @ Riverview Wine

Domaine Gérard Duplessis

Vaillons Chablis 1er Cru Chardonnay

Drank with dinner at Enoteca Pinchiorri. It was wonderful. — 16 days ago

Guy, Annick et Yann Bertrand

Cuvée du Chaos Fleurie Gamay 2019

Really good, not terribly big or amazing, but really drinkable and pleasant. — 12 days ago

Navin NayakRivka Friedman
with Navin and Rivka

Gérard Bertrand

Grand Terroir Tautavel Grenache Blend 2013

2013 at end of 2019. Has aged nicely, Lush wine full of ripe fruit. Pared well with a variety of foods including steak and pasta. Very drinkable — 15 days ago

Gérard Bonnefond

Les Moutonnes Côte-Rôtie Syrah

Very funky at first. But settled down over time when the tannins better integrated and a nice dark cherry, dry tannin elixir resulted. — 8 days ago

Tammy de Weerd
with Tammy

Guy, Annick et Yann Bertrand

Phénix Fleurie Gamay 2019

Outstanding. Totally quaffable. A medium bodied wine even a full bodied lover can love. — 12 days ago

Gérard Bertrand

Grand Terroir La Clape Coteaux du Languedoc Red Rhone Blend 2015

Found a Liquor Boy for $19. Good, special occasion wine and would buy again — 12 days ago

Gérard Bertrand

Art De Vivre Languedoc Red Blend 2015

Wow, this is a complex, smooth, and deep wine. It’s a little dry plum and a little wet forest. So good. — 25 days ago

Domaine Bertrand Stehelin

Gigondas Red Rhone Blend 2010

The nose is beautiful...dark blue and black berries, lavender, some dry dirt, twigs, nutmeg, clove, and black pepper. For a 2010 there is still a nice tannic structure and good coating acidity around the outside of the tongue. The nose transfers to the palate, but without the nutmeg and clove elements and the black pepper really shines in a good way. — 11 days ago