Domaine Overnoy

Domaine Overnoy

Crémant Blanc Chardonnay

Solid. Long, green fruited and nutty. Very flavorful. — 2 months ago

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Emmanuel Houillon (Maison Pierre Overnoy)

Arbois Pupillin Chardonnay Ouillé 2011

Very deep and complex nose with oyster shells, preserved lemon and nuts. — 4 months ago

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Marc Delienne

Greta Carbo Gamay 2017

There's an uncanny similarity between the tasting notes of this wine with that of the 15' Overnoy Poulsard I had a couple of years ago, which leads me to believe that vinification or in particular, biological factors, may be the grand architect of these wines.

Pours out with an orangey hue of red. Reductive smokey aromas, followed by dried roses, twigs and grass, tabacco, dried herbs, and earth. The palate felt a little simple and short - cherries and grass, on a bitter, high acid finish.

So armed with lessons from previous Delienne openings, the wine went back into the cooler for an overnight dose of slow-release oxygen. This was when it took a unexpected turn towards the Poulsard memory. Cherries and grass had turned into the distinctive blood orange and tea notes. A slight acetic note arose, which integrated well with the palate giving a rather savory impression. A peculiar chicken essence note was especially memory-inducing. I felt like it put on some weight too, with a lovely silky texture. It's an oddball for sure, but not an unwelcomed transformation, as you see, the aforementioned Poulsard was my engagement tipple.
— 6 months ago

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Severn Goodwin

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Agreed on notes, in addition to procedure for getting the wine moving and your memory. Also, love the wine name 😏
Aaron Tan

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@Ron R 🙏🙏🙏
Aaron Tan

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@Severn Goodwin Marc has a knack for naming ey. Wild wine, as with most of his cuvees.

Domaine Overnoy

Côtes du Jura Pinot Noir

Timothy Eustis

Pretty red fruit. Light tannins. Minerals to heaven. — 3 months ago

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Domaine Jean-Jacques Girard

Clos du Roi 1er Cru Beaune Pinot Noir 2017

Lyle Fass

Needed something a bit more predictable after that Overnoy. Step right up JJ Girard. Maddeningly consistent. Love this version of a great 1er Cru. Global warming is helping Beaune 1er Crus.

Nose is tight but has lovely spice, dark flowers and black cherries. This is such a serious 1er Cru. Wispy sour cherry, herbs. Super complex and opening by the minute. Fruit filling in big time. Sour cherry, dark cherries, early season cherries. Brambly now. So pretty and deep. Perfect hint of framing oak. Girard is so good. Palate is just gorgeous. Young but awesome. Showing some wood but huge sap, density and really fresh. Girard is always invigorating. Good concentration and really black fruited palate. Black cherries and they are so clear. Long palate staining finish. Persistent. So juicy and with such a serious structure. Plus that just maddeningly consistently delicious Girard fruit.
— 5 months ago

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Domaine Overnoy-Crinquand

Arbois-Pupillin Ploussard 2019

Intense UNO game calls for a laid back wine. This is it. — 5 months ago

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Emmanuel Houillon (Maison Pierre Overnoy)

Arbois Pupillin Savagnin 2007

Robe or
Nez épicé curry léger
Bouche ample fraîche ultra sensuelle et fraîcheur irradiante tenant le vin et donnant une très grande longueur sur les épices
Le vin sera encore meilleur après 24h
— 6 months ago

Pico Lator
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Domaine Overnoy

Vieilles Vignes Côtes du Jura Chardonnay 2016

Nose has aggressively washed lemons & limes, pistachio ice cream, cold honey, flaked sea salt and Atlantic breeze, trending to Sherry (purposefully).

Palate has margarine covered pistachios (oily, nutty mouthfeel), lime zest, faint saline solution, dried lime with a fresh but mildly oxidized finish.

Cork pulled for slow oxidation 2H, decanted for 2H. More time in bottle and decanter will be appreciated. I see very good things ahead. Drink 2024-28.

Paired to Chicken Normandy (Dorie Greenspan); chicken, apples and cremé à la normande (cream, onion, mushroom & calvados), Jura looks to accompany cremé & calvados just fine.
— 4 months ago

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Paul T- Huntington Beach

Paul T- Huntington Beach

Margarine 🧈 is so bad for you,
Severn Goodwin

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My arteries still have a few years to catch up to you, so still pumping strong-ish.
Margarine is just the tasting note, I'm a 100% butter guy.
Lyle Fass

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@Severn Goodwin long distance runner


Arbois-Pupillin Trousseau 2019

Color of rose color rust, and a surprisingly thick body this is a very interesting wine. A bold nose of cranberry with slight notes of cognac and rose, the palate is complex and earthy, with cranberry, raspberry, cracked pepper and floral notes. The finish is long, tingly, mouth coating and lingering with a dry acidity that leaves you continuously interested. — 5 months ago

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Arbois Pupillin Savagnin 2011

2011. With age it definitely took on a Sherry quality. Good with rogue river blue. — 6 months ago