Delle Venezie, Trentino Alto Adige


Fuoripista Vigneti delle Dolomiti Pinot Grigio 2019

Amazing color. Pink grapefruit, watermelon, iodine and white pepper on the nose. Citrus, melon and spring water on the palate. Which is to say not a tremendous amount of acidity or concentration but iodine minerality and subtle flavors of apples, herbs and licorice carry this. The resemblance to Provençal rose extends beyond appearance, but the cidery notes and light tannins set it apart. Very intriguing wine. — 8 days ago

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Peter Sultan

Peter Sultan

She does a very good Teroldego!@Josh Morgenthau
Josh Morgenthau

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@Peter Sultan will keep an eye out! I’ve tried and enjoyed the Manzoni bianco but not the Teroldego

Porta Vita

Rosso Venezie Red Blend 2019

“This is the best wine I’ve ever had” about a $15 bottle — 13 days ago

Azienda Agricola Belfiore

Trevenezie Cabernet Sauvignon 2018

Its a smooth and easy drinking full bodied — 17 days ago

Cantina Terlan

Winkl Terlano Sauvignon 2019

Выпито 13..04.21 в гостях у В. Бабошко. Достойнейший совиньон блан 2019 от Terlan из Альто -Адиже. Очень минеральный и свежий. Мой самый любимый совиньон блан на сегодня. — 7 days ago

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Delle Venezie Pinot Grigio 2019

Candied pear! Love this wine! Love the producer too! — 10 days ago

Elena Walch

Kastelaz Alto Adige Gewürztraminer 2018

I've been trying to replicate my sensational experience with the 2012 Cattin grand cru gewurztraminer for 5 years--something extraordinarily fragrant but not sweet or too hot, a tall order given gewurztraminer's full body and high sugar content. This succeeds but not quite as well balanced as some other traminers I have had. Lovely rose, guava, pear, and lychee aromas overlay scents of lemom curd and the signature Alto Adige dolomite that makes this a bit more mineral driven that it's German and Alsatian counterparts. — 12 days ago


Delle Venezie Pinot Grigio

Nice Pinot Grigio that tastes more bubbly than I would expect. Excellent on a hot day — 13 days ago


Pinot Grigio Della Venezie 2020

The Wife's favorite. A little tanginess that's refreshing. — 10 days ago

Albino Armani

Delle Venezie Pinot Grigio

Nice springtime wine. Light a hint of apple and honey. Not much nose. Would pair well with asparagus, leeks, spring peas, burrata and chewy sourdough. Would compliment delicate seafood - like Dungeness crab, abalone, simply grilled head-on shrimp. Butter lettuce salad dressed lightly with a champagne vinaigrette — 23 days ago


Riserva Trattmann Pinot Nero 2017

Good fruit. Nice balance. Full body for a pinot (not as full as Argentinian ones). Berries. Lavender. Will get better. — 3 days ago