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Remoissenet Père et Fils

Givry Pinot Noir

Welcome back Remoissenet! — 9 days ago

Martin Müllen

Kröver Letterlay Riesling Spätlese** Trocken 2020

Lyle Fass

Ripe and deep nose. Huge stone fruits, peach, apricot, plum, tangerine and more. Some citrus undertones as well. Gorgeous minerality and unreal roundness to the nose. This is 13% which contributes to the depth. The 12% Steffensberg was more piquant and less deep. Amazing what an incremental tick up in alcohol does. Huge spice and vulcanized rubber. Light saffron as well. Palate is ripe and juicy and round with great freshness and depth. Really deep. So many piquant stone fruits. This needs air to open up as it’s holding back. What a long, luscious finish. Sapid. Pure. So complex and mineral. Juicy. So many stone fruits like apricot, peach and tangerine. I’ll be back as it opens. As this airs the palate depth is profound. The complexity ratchets up a notch as does the minerality. — 4 days ago

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Essentiel Extra Brut Blanc de Blancs Chardonnay

Ming L

I have not seen the bottling in the U.S. before and brought it back from a recent overseas trip.
Stone fruits commingling with citrus fruits with light brioche and ginger spice. Creamy yet robust. The freshness, purity, precision, and elegance are all there, which is why BdB is my favorite type of Champagne when done right.
17’ based wine with 30% reserve, disgorged in 21’.
And why not all Champagne bottling display the information already?
— 9 days ago

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Jérôme Prévost

La Closerie Les Béguines Extra Brut Champagne Pinot Meunier 2019

Toasted nuts, light flowers, pure limestone. Young for sure, but so unique. Precision is the word I keep coming back to. LC19 — 8 days ago

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La Rata Wines

Grenache Cabernet Sauvignon Blend

Greg Ballington

When you tell your wife to open anything I’ll be back from the store. She picks the inaugural vintage of a 7 year vertical you have been collecting. And it’s the last bottle. PS she usually hates this wine. Shocked and saddened that it was the last but so stoked to be drinking it tonight!!! Cheers! — 3 days ago

India Okoh
with India
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Fekete Pince

Aranyhegy-dűlő Somlói Juhfark 2013

Earth, honey , hay. Benefitting from the age - no water. Full strength. Rich and long finish. Delightful. Minerals. Still acid to back it up. — 3 days ago


Grande Cuvée 161Ème Édition Brut Champagne Blend

From 3l. Base 05 back to 1990. Lovely and plush. Corn, roses, lime, slate. 68% 05. Lush but really balanced. Long and supple. Delicious — 10 days ago

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Standing Stone Vineyards

Finger Lakes Riesling 2020

Standing Stone is back. This is the basic Riesling but it is superb. Very lush and full. — 19 days ago

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Fattoria di Fèlsina Berardenga

Riserva Rancia Chianti Classico Sangiovese Blend 2010

I think its better days were back in mid-2015+. — 14 days ago

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Enderle & Moll

Muschelkalk Weißburgunder 2020

E&M Weissburgunder goes feral beyond their trademark restrained wild spirit.

4 days of skins, it's copper tones, grippy, and full of acetone. And it's really good. Wild but grown up, responsible.

Expressively generous aromas loaded up with sour fruit and vinegar - naval orange, apricot, basil, and VA that tickles the back upper parts. Powerful long flavors too - sour apricot, pear, and sweet orange. Wonderful.
— 5 days ago

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Sharon B

Sharon B Influencer Badge

Nice color, looks like a dessert wine
Pinotman /// Andreas

Pinotman /// Andreas

Florian Moll told me they want to further raise the quality of their whites. What I tasted from Barrel their 2021’s were impressive.
Ely Cohn

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@Pinotman /// Andreas i thought this was excellent as is! Agreed @Sharon B !