Australian Shiraz

Torbreck Vintners

Woodcutter's Barossa Valley Shiraz 2016

Solid Shiraz from Torbeck. Some spice, dark fruit and slightly earthy a bit like a Chateauneuf du Pape. Easy drinking and good value for money. It’s great that the Aussie producers have a full spectrum of the same varietals for people to enjoy. Torbeck, Two Hands, Penfolds and Glaetzer all have great options at multiple price points. — 8 days ago

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The Boxer Shiraz

Shiraz = syrah, apparently. Incredible footwork bringing this doll from Australia, packs quite an earthy, gritty punch with a full-body blow complement that’ll bring you to your knees faster than you can say “million dollar baby” — 4 days ago

Tara Daugherty
with Tara


Grange South Australia Shiraz 1999

Very nice dark berry fruit, hints of dark cherry. Some meaty savory notes with violets, spices, and nice acid tannins fully integrated and a nice plush lengthy finish. Was better on night 2. — 23 days ago

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Two Hands

Bella's Garden Shiraz 2015

Another trip to Bella’s Garden and I think this is the best yet. Very fragrant Shiraz with a mixed fruit nose and some softer floral notes as well as a hint of candy and burnt sugar. Palate is smooth and layered with slightly more blackcurrant and a nice long finish with a hint of sweetness. All is good in this garden. — 9 days ago

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The Winner's Tank

Langhorne Creek Shiraz 2005

I loved this wine. Tasted blind against some CNPs and was the winner for me. I am told it’s in the US$30 rang which makes it a QPR gem too. — 10 days ago

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Barossa Valley Shiraz 2016

예쁜 자주빛/보라빛깔을 띄는 남호주 바로사 밸리의 100% 시라즈. 흔들면 처음에는 달콤한 향기로 유혹을 하고 그 뒤에는 스모키한 오크통의 향기도 뒤따라 매력을 나타낸다. 진한 바디감과 길게 이어지는 여운은 마치 덤프트럭처럼 묵직하게 나에게 달려드는 느낌. 산미는 높지 않고 타닌이 약간 세기는 하지만 전반적으로 부드럽게 넘어가서 기분이 좋다. 가장 마지막에 입안에서 맴도는 복숭아와 포도맛에 이끌려 한모금씩 더 마시다 보면 어느새 나의 글래스는 비워져 있고 새로운 한잔을 따라야 한다. 자칫 첫잔의 진한맛에 질릴수도 있지만 두번째 잔을 마실때쯤엔 한층 부드러운 맛으로 편안하게 즐길수 있다. 바디감의 끝판왕 — 2 days ago

Boin Jin
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Old Bastard Barossa Valley Shiraz 2009

This needs aging. Northern Rhône style. Full of elegance. — 9 days ago

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Bob McDonald

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@Weijie Shi (Jay) A great Cuvée from the Barossa 👌👌
Weijie Shi (Jay)

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Great wine. Full of potentials and better with aging


United & Undaunted Mourvedre Shiraz 2016

Came across this little beauty when judging at the Toowoomba Wine Show a couple of years ago. 100% Mourvèdre. Deep dark crimson with dusty meaty aromas. Blackberry and unusually sweet on the palate. A new world Aussie take on Mourvèdre from an ultra boutique boutique winery in the Geographe district of WA. Only 394 bottles made. More sweet than the savoury examples from Bandol. Medium to full bodied. — 11 days ago

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Tommy Ruff

Tommy Field Syrah 2015

Fairly big, but superfresh
Complex, but easy drinking
I like it
— 11 days ago

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Ron R

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I’ve never heard of this before...
Ceccherini Cristiano

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@Ron R in reality this is labeled Tommy Ruff but is made by the wise hands of Tom Shobbrok

Drayton's Family Wines

William Shiraz 2007

Brought this back from a trip to Hunter Valley several years ago. I’m surprised how well this held up. — 6 days ago

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