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Otin Fiorin Piè Rupestris-Nebioli Barolo Nebbiolo 2012

This bottle was the fourth and final bottle part of our Barolo ensemble, generously shared and curated by our friend Tim.

Served blind, like the others, after a lengthy slow-ox. We were all aware that we were drinking Barolo but all other details were hidden from us. This bottle showed no visual signs of age. It was actually quite gorgeous to behold with a deep ruby core and bright disk. The bouquet was powerful; the most powerful of the four we experienced on this night. Cherries, strawberries, raspberries, exotic spices, tar, roses, dried herbs...even a bit of an umami thing was happening...everything was on full display! The finish was long and savory. Almost gave me the feeling of a buzz button which, I have only encountered once before in wine.

Of the four Barolos, on this night and to my palate, this exhibited the most sizzle. I was well and truly smitten. When this was revealed to be the 2012 Cappellano “Pie Rupestris”, it became an Archimedes moment for me...short of running through the town naked. Until now, I had only tried Cappellano’s Barbera d’Alba and Chinato; both extraordinary wines. This fits squarely into my wheelhouse and has become a new benchmark for me; recalling a similar experience to my first Lignier “Clos de la Roche”. A monumental wine that is already drinking so well but has everything necessary to age with grace for decades to come. Scary thing? There remains upside, I’m sure of it.
— 7 days ago

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Oakville Cabernet Sauvignon 2012

This is in the wheelhouse for drinking. Sourced from Block 6 VHR. I am not sure that this will appreciate any more in the bottle. Pop and pour, this wine has a nose of oak, ripe blackberry, espresso bean, iodine, aged saddle leather, a hint of caramel. Entry is dark, black, full bodied. Definitely less of the sweeter fruit and less mature notes (I mentioned cherry blossom the last time). This is all dark, intense, blackberry cassis, black licorice, espresso, hint of caramel and dark chocolate. Finishes without as much heat that was noted 2.5 years ago but a softened toasted oak tannin are here in abundance. This has integrated nicely. Very happy with this bottle, and this is right in the wheelhouse tonight. Gave this a 95 the last time, and would give probably a 96 today. If you have some of these, I'd at least open one of them especially if you're more of an aged fruit kind of person (because it hasn't gotten there yet). But , IMO, this is right at the top of the hill, ripe drinking. Beautiful wine. — 3 months ago

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Cuvée Émotion Crémant de Limoux Pinot Noir 2018

Brother-in-law likes Limoux Cremant! This was right in his wheelhouse! Lot’s of Fruit! Cheers 🍾🥂 — 4 months ago

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Castro Candaz

A Boca do Demo Ribeira Sacra Mencía 2016

Not my wheelhouse but super good — a month ago

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Monsieur Ètain Rutherford Cabernet Sauvignon 2012

Blackberry, black cherry, black licorice, seem to be the fruit notes here in order from greatest to least. But, I'd never guess that this one was 8 years post-vintage as it really had a nice sweet toasted oak and vanilla character on the nose, entry, and finish. I was drinking this with some pepper jack cheese and it's amazing how much pepper and spice seemed to come out of this wine. After eating some brie, it was much more subdued. A very rounded, full bodied wine and didn't even take a lot of coaxing to get it going so I think these are probably close to being right in the wheelhouse for a pop and pour. With proper cellaring, this one still has 10 years or so left in it. Enjoyed on our last night at the beach. — 2 months ago

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Michael Herzog

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Nice bottle for a last night on the beach occasion.
Mark Flesher

Mark Flesher

@Neil Valenzuela come to Fort Worth and we'll open one! It was definitely better than the Aloft 2009 it was consumed alongside.

Jacquesson & Fils

Cuvée No. 742 Extra Brut Champagne Blend

David T

Since we can’t leave our house because the air quality is so bad from the fires near us & there is still the whole Covid-19 thing raging in California, we thought we’d open a bottle of Champagne & forget about the real world for awhile. This Jacquesson Cuvée 742 is a welcome break. Like Napoleon, we drink Champagne in good times & bad.

Seems the 2020 Napa vintage is also in more peril of smoke taint than 2017. At least in 2017, most of the fruit was picked. Presently, none or very little is picked. Maybe some Chardonnay is in. Not exactly hearing good news at this point. TBD soon.

The nose reveals slightly more oxidative notes than we prefer in our wheelhouse but, still very nice. Bruised; green & golden apple, Bosc pear. Lime & lemon pulp, overripe pineapple, overripe tropical melons, cream soda, white spices, touch of oyster shell, sea fossils, saline, bread dough, yeasty notes, baguette crust, grey volcanics, light dry herbal notes. limestone/sandstone, root in root beer, spring flowers, yellow florals in mix greens.

The palate is, round, rich, ripe and lively with micro-oxygenation. Bruised; green & golden apple, Bosc pear. Lime & lemon pulp, overripe pineapple, overripe tropical melons, dried apricots, cream soda, cream, white spice with soft heat, touch of oyster shell, sea fossils, saline, bread dough, yeasty notes, baguette crust, excellent, soft, powdery chalkiness, grey volcanics, light dry herbal notes. limestone/sandstone, root in root beer, spring flowers, orange blossoms, yellow florals in mix greens. The acidity is near perfect with nice crispness. The long, gentle finish is; elegant soft, well balanced with excellent polish and persists for days.

This will benefit from another 3-5 years in bottle.

Photos of; Jean Hervé Chiquet who joined Jacquesson family business in 1978, House of Jacquesson, one of their Grand Cru vineyards and cheese platter etc. to get the evening started.
— 3 months ago

Hefy NochimsonJames Christina Champagne
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Threes Brewing

Logical Conclusion IPA

So damn smooth. Full of peach and grapefruit. My wheelhouse . — 2 months ago

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Steve Rura

Steve Rura

One of the best from my favorite local brewery 👍 Also try Forevermore!
Ira Schwartz

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@Steve Rura Appreciate the heads up !


Reserva Colchagua Valley Carménère 2018

Reserva, fancy. Maybe this is plus+ Chilean Carmenere. Has that particular mix of coffee, dark chocolate, fresh sweet peppers, and tobacco on the nose that these are known for. Flavors are nice. The tobacco and berry go together well. Smooth, but flavorful and pretty complex. This is in my wheelhouse. A very good Carmenere. Tasty and true. Nice stuff. — 2 months ago

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Tegan Marriott

Tegan Marriott

A good carmenere always puts a smile on my face!
Tree Kilpatrick

Tree Kilpatrick

Yeah I love the tobacco leaf and chewy tannins. And they are well priced

Calera Wine Company

Mt. Harlan Aligoté 2017

This is probably my first exposure to the Aligoté, and it's an interesting beast. Apples and minerals in the nose mixed with a muted citrus character yield to an unctuous body and tongue-clucking acidity. I hesitate to call it medium-bodied, for its long list of complex elements, as it drinks like a heavyweight. Calera undoubtedly is in its wheelhouse here, and does a New World version in a pure and distinct homage. Delicious and easy drinking. — 3 months ago


Brut Réserve Champagne Blend

David T

Happy Birthday James!!!

The is a nice even tug of war between reductive & oxidative. Right in my Blanc wheelhouse.

— 4 months ago

James Christina ChampagneHefy Nochimson
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