Sami Odi


"Little Wine" #6 Syrah

See previous notes for Little Wine #6. In summary very dark Ruby with purple tinges. Opaque. Luscious mouth filling Shiraz - the old vine source is obvious - soft, plush and plummy. A blend of 2016, 2015, 2013 and 2012 - all good vintages. I took delivery of my allocation of Little Wine #10 recently. — 13 days ago

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Bob McDonald

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I believe so. One of his best from the excellent 2012 vintage - the label showed a collection of vintage match boxes from Frasers grandmother as I understand it. I have notes here on Delectable showing that label.
Bob McDonald

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It’s called Baby Tui from 2012. I did a tasting note 51 weeks ago. They are all good but this one was special. Luckily I have one left.
Travis W

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Thanks Bob!


Little Wine # 5 Red Blend

Prior notes apply. Always a pleasure to drink a Sami-Odi red wine - great as the weather cools down in Autumn. Plum and chocolate with those trademark silky tannins from mainly old vine fruit. An assemblage of casks from 2012, 2013, 2014 and 2015 - all good years. — 3 months ago

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Bob McDonald

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@Scott Rowe Hi Scott - I made a tasting booking for 2 At 11am on Wednesday 31st March at Shaw and Smith. Hope to catch up if you are around.
Scott Rowe

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No worries Bob. I shall cancel your previous 12 o’clock sitting. Cheers.


Hoffman Dallwitz Little Wine #8 Syrah

Inky purple all the way to the rim - violets, tapenade, black cherry and plum, mineral, fine tannin and long finish 💥😍😋 — 5 months ago

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Syrah 2019

Wow.....I was nervous to taste this wine literally just off the truck... was nervous about the wine being delivered to Florida in record 90 degree plus temperatures... my worst fears seemed realized as the first delivery attempt on Thursday was aborted because the bar code scanner couldn’t be read... stayed over the weekend at the non refrigerated FedEx hub and finally delivered on Monday. Upon opening the wine tonight my worst fears were unrealized... the wine has the typical massive nose and scintillating flavor waves that seem to just roll over the palate.... in sum a great bottle despite Fed Ex’s best attempt to cook it! — a month ago

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XIV Syrah 2014

Beautiful, dark and inky purple fruit. Earthy and savory with dusty tannins. Should go the distance. — 2 months ago

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Ron R

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I just got some from Bottle King in NJ. Looking forward to diving this a whirl.
Bryan Kesting

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@Ron R: that’s fantastic...enjoy!


SA 54-354 Hoffman Dallwitz Syrah 2016

Inky purple, olive brine, violet, mineral. A big wine but still in balance 😋 — 3 months ago

Rob N
with Rob
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Shay A

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Great stuff.

Moët & Chandon

Première Cuvée Épernay Champagne Blend

Circa 1970s vintage, delicious and complex. Thank you Price and Sami for sharing. — 7 months ago

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Little Wine #9 Syrah

A showstopper, an act impeccable concentration with a finish that goes on forever and ever and ever.
The Little Wine #9 is a vintage blend that range from 2015 to 2019. Drop dead gorgeous and absolutely outstanding. One of those wine that takes your breath away.
Day two and it’s reached it’s climax, like hearing Pavarotti breaking loose for all he’s worth.
I wish there was more..

..👃Pronounced intense, very concentrated aromas with a layered complexity that is driven by sun drenched and generous fruit but with plenty of tension. Blackberries and bramble-like strawberry fruit. A perfumed lift with plenty of floral aromas, violet and roses followed by fresh herbs, sweet licorice, raw meat and a warm stone foundation.
👅A deep fruit intensity drives the palate and is balanced by a fresh acidity. Plenty of round tannins brings further structure and is completely balanced and almost totally masked by the concentrated palate. An expansive compexity that opens up with sweet licorice, blue flowers and plentiful of very concentrated ripe dark fruit, over a stone-like base note. Muscular yet graceful impact and full attention on the mid palate through a long and complete finish.
— 2 months ago

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Hoffmann Dallwitz Syrah 2016

Glad I have been saving these. Keep improving each year and the curve continues upward. — 3 months ago

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Mahe & Ribo Syrah

An amazing wine that changed like a kaleidoscope over two first almost monolithic with deep blue fruit... the following day wide open with waves of layer upon layer of flavor intensity — 5 months ago

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Shay A

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Tied for my favorite Sami Odi to date (along with Baby Tui).