Mendocino Brewing Company

Les Lunes Wine

Arnold's Block Carignane 2017

The fellas who run Les Lunes are best in the biz at Carignan. This, as it goes, is excellent Carignan, from a different block showing in the profile (but Delectable makes it hard to add a new wine). It's perfumed and elegant, loaded with spice and tannin, and about as fully steeped concentrated with flavor as anything you'll find in. Vietnamese cinnamon dusted raspberries, black plums, and cedar. Highly acidic, though not abruptly tart and with big, well integrated tannins. Light bodied and plenty of minerals to follow. — a day ago

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Licorne Méchante

le ours repose ZINFANDEL 2017

Licorne Mechante (wicked unicorn) is where Les Lune can experiment. When the wines are good, we get some great buys. This Zin, as it goes, is very good. Spiced cherry cola mixology type stuff with cinnamon Hot Tamales and wild berries. — 13 days ago

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Single Thread

Cole Ranch Vineyard Riesling 2019

John Howard

Super elegant and clean. Nice @Ross Cobb. — 3 days ago

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Web Bond

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Bet that is great. I used to love the view from deck tasting the Cole Ranch Riesling from Esterlina.
John Howard

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It’s really great @Web Bond. I’ll try to get a bottle for you.
Web Bond

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Too generous. Let’s share the bottle, if you are so fortunate. Looking forward!

Martha Stoumen

Mendo Benchlands Zinfandel-Nero d'Avola Blend 2019

Best Martha to date. Her wines get interesting at this level, beyond Post Flirtation. Here she channels Sicily and projects Cali through two grapes she adores - Nero D’Avola and Zin.Dark brew of juicy fruits and toasted spice. Plums, Driscoll’s blackberries, ripe raspberries. Cinnamon and cardamom. — 7 days ago

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Ely Cohn

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@Josh Morgenthau I’d say comparative. Blackberries - sour and juicy the way they are in the grocery store vs wild caught which I think can be more concentrated flavor and sweeter
Josh M

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Makes sense! Have yet to try her wines. Would you seek this out or another cuvee for a first timer?
Ely Cohn

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@Josh Morgenthau she makes wonderful wines. I would skip over her post flirtation line of wines and focus on the others. Her wines are maybe slightly more expensive than they should be but they are very good nevertheless.

Halcon Vineyards

Oppenlander Vineyard Pinot Noir 2015

Still quite fresh and lively. My first peak at the ‘15. — 9 hours ago

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Jason Edward Charles

Vinca Minor Old Vine & Dry Farmed Mendocino County Red Blend 2016

Time has treated this very well. Tons of berries, plums, hint of vanilla, some spices, a woodsy like flavor, excellent acidity. Really great. — 2 days ago

Navarro Vineyards

Mendocino Chardonnay 2016

New vintage for me, no new wood in this, according to their website. Yellow in color, excellent clarity. Apple notes in nose. Peach, apple and lemon flavors with hints of mineral and malolactic on the finish. Lingering malic-apple aftertaste, ever so slightly tart throughout. A superior Chardonnay, blessedly free of new oak, and all the more refreshing and delightful because of it. Well made, and almost convinced me that my avoidance of Chardonnays is all about their high price, but not, in this case, because of a lack of quality. Good stuff — 13 days ago

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Pretty photo!

Pax Mahle Wines

Testa Vineyards Carignan 2015

Been doing a lot of ‘15s lately, this did not disappoint. — 9 hours ago

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Bedrock Wine Co.

Alder Springs Mendocino County Syrah 2018

This the Calico California Syrah, which is a blend from all over CA. Bedrock dumps it in barrel, stirs it up, and as usual a very nice wine ends up in the bottle! I must be the first to drink! — 4 days ago

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Lava Vine

The Poor Ranch Mendocino Grenache 2014

Dark fruit, slightly sweet and spicy, chuggable, perfect with churrasco kielbasa in rice Brazilian style — an hour ago