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Rastlose Liebe Sauvignon Blanc 2017

Lyle Fass

Wow what a nose. Super citrus, green herbals, sage, some lemongrass, so complex, floral as well. Melon, green and honeydew. A great blind SB as no grass, piss or gooseberry. So complex. So unique. Palate is insanely fresh, complex and has terrific structure and depth. Wow. This is major and a very serious SB that calls Graves and also Germany. It’s rich, complex and super nimble. Palate is super focused and so precise. Fruit is blend of various citrus, hint of vineyard stone fruits and loads of minerals on the finish. Long ass finish as well. Gets to every nook and cranny. Some crannies have fruit and some nooks have minerals.

After air the fruit starts to come out aromatically. Stone fruits, citrus and even confectionary aromas. Concentrated and earthy. Terrific finish. Almost 9.4.
— a year ago

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Franz Strohmeier

Rot No 7 aus Trauben, Liebe und Zeit

Клюква, спелая красная смородина, малина, хвоя, смола, сырая глина, пластилин. Среднее тело, мягкая, но сочная кислотность, аккуратно спрятанные танины. Натурально и свежо, очень питко, без яркого характера, но вполне осмысленно и с естественным шармом. — 3 years ago

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The Indigo No 1 is best imho.
Riddley Walker

Riddley Walker

Sadly it has no distributor in my country yet. This bottle was brought by some good friends from abroad. I will be on the lookout for No.1 from now on. Looking forward to tasting more stuff from Franz. @Pär Sjölinder

Franz Strohmeier

Karmin 4 Trauben, Liebe und Zeit Rosé

Blauer Wildbacher 2012! Incredible! — 5 years ago

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Franz Strohmeier

Rot No 8 Trauben Liebe und Zeit 2017

Alive yet clean, concentrated aromas of blackberries, raspberries and a distinct tone of cardamom, aswell as on the palate. — a year ago

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Franz Strohmeier

Sonne No.5 Trauben, Liebe und Zeit Sauvignon Blanc


Insane mango. So delicious. — 3 years ago

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Franz Strohmeier

Weiss No 7 aus Trauben, Liebe und Zeit 2015

C-vitaminbrus, grapeskal, mineral, Konfiterad citron. Slankt och eteriskt. — 4 years ago

John Axel KSMåns Wadensjö
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Fabian Kühlhorn

Fabian Kühlhorn

Citronskal, lime, gul frukt, lite mineral och en smarrig bitterhet. Lätt och lättdrucket.

Franz Strohmeier

Karmin 8 Trauben Liebe und Zeit BLAUER WILDBACHER

Tart. Fresh. Almost effervescent. Tobacco and a smooth finish. — a year ago

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Franz Strohmeier

Indigo No 2 Trauben, Liebe und Zeit Blauer Wildbacher 2017

Cedar, tomato, raw bitter greens. Fantastic. — 2 years ago

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Franz Strohmeier

Karmin 6 Trauben, Liebe und Zeit 2015

4 March 2018. Henry's, Brooklyn, NY. — 3 years ago

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Franz Strohmeier

Rot 6 Trauben Liebe und Zeit 2013

Red Rot 6
— 4 years ago

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