Holsten-Brauerei (Carlsberg)

Holsten Festbock

Rich and malty with caramel and toffee tinge.

A delightful amber beer - the German 🇧🇪 equivalent to a Scottish ale🍺

•7% ABV• July 24, 2021
— 5 days ago

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Martin Müllen

Kröver Letterlay Feinherb Spätlese Riesling *** 2019

Lyle Fass

Martin’s top Feinherb in 19. Huge tropical nose, apricot, peach pit, superb minerality and spices. Honey and tree bark. Smells so deep. Bee pollen. Slate and sick minerals. So aromatic and provocative. With air will only get better. So young and so energetic. Sappy and dense and only showing 10% of itself. But what a core of apricot and peach fruit that is almost endless on the palate and it finishes very mineral with a gorgeous opulence on the mid to backend. A stunning wine. Just stunning. As nose opens it gets insanely complex like a spice bazaar. Wow. Huge concentration and such finesse. Superb finish and balance. Unreal purity and length. A brilliant wine. Blown away. Inner mouth aromas. Huge pit fruit on the end. Endless — 4 days ago

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Severn Goodwin

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MM ***Auslese!! Wowie!
Lyle Fass

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@Severn Goodwin no it’s a *** spatlese Feinherb.

Martin Müllen

Kröver Kirchlay Riesling Auslese 2019

Lyle Fass

Super clear and herbal nose. Loads of clean sweet pink celery, citrus, apricot and loads of mineral depth. Wow, so sweet and unctuous. Insane sweetness. So honeyed. Sick cotton candy opulence. Icing on cake texture. Such insane sweetness. Fruit profile is like a sweet Achat. Very melony fruit. Honeydew melon. So serene and zen like. Clementines. Insane structure and astute minerality. Best clarity of the all the Auslese so far. Elegant. Long and decadent. — 4 days ago

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Landwein Spätburgunder 2018

Light, elegant, very floral, clean and filled with bright fruit though lacks some concentration. All around very good effort. — 8 days ago

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K.H. Schneider

Marbach Spätlese Riesling 2019

Lyle Fass

Wow the nose is elite and harmonious. Sick. Flowers. Lime zest. Cotton candy. Blood orange. Tangerine. So complex. So ethereal. Amazing fleshiness to the nose. Wow. This is almost a 9.8 nose. How underrated is this guy? Wow, so sweet tart on the palate with sweet green apples, sweet rainier cherries and such filigree. So finesse. So complete and ethereal. Unreal filigree. Huge sweet tart fruit. God level delicious. Insane core of fruit and mineral. So long and finishes almost gamey. But that unique Nahe/Mosel gaminess. A stunner. Herbs on the nose. Superb spice. Wow. Smells like a scene in nature. Sick sick wine. Wow. This is the most insane spatlese value ever. — 4 days ago

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Martin Müller

Trabener Würzgarten Auslese Mosel Riesling 2019

Lyle Fass

Nose is spicey and complex. Tree bark. Honeyed. Showing a bit of funk as well. Huge citrus. Pineapple and guava. Tropical and mineral. Creamsicle as well. Superb complex spice and minerals. Wow, so rich and dense. But more correct than amazing. Long finish. Huge citrus. Nice length. Seems closed. Some opulence as well and good acidity but not thunderous. Very well made. After air nose has more pointed citrus. Wow palate has huge confectionary inner mouth aromas. Joyful. 9.4 to 9.5 — 4 days ago

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Von Winning

Pechstein GG Riesling 2019

Dang! Chablis-like flint on the nose, lots of beautiful, perfectly ripe green apple and vibrant acidity. So much great fruit that it almost feels like rs though there’s probably none. would be awesome to taste this in 15-20 years — 7 days ago

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Juliane Eller

Juwel Frühmesse Riesling 2019

Lyle Fass

Killer nose. Full on Riesling weather in NYC today. Unreal minerality. Cooling and so expressive. Apricot and peaches galore and such vivid clean, fresh fruit. Palate is super juicy and energetic. I mean this has insane energy! Terrific acidity and so vibrant with unreal density yet so delicate and pure. Amazing finish and clarity here. Super impressive. Nose opens up with some white flowers and fine herbs. Palate has so much minerality it almost clouds the fruit. Awesome balance. There is some apricot and peach there if you look. Terrific grip and structure. So long and complex. A brilliant wine. — 21 days ago

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K.H. Schneider

Domberg Spätlese Riesling 2019

Lyle Fass

Wow. Huge tropical and cherry blast on the nose. Superb minerality and an almost confectionary quality. Just terrific rock quarry like minerality out of this site. Super super aromatic. Truly put you on notice aromas. Always a steal. Heaven on this nose. Like a cross between spree and sweet tarts. Just amazing. Palate has stunning concentration and purity. Huge acids and such a driving forceful minerality. Finishes mineral and dry. Stunning depth and structure. Some lime zest in the nose with air. So complete and awesome. Elegant. Rich yet superbly mineral and delicious bright and lifting acids. — 4 days ago

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Martin Müllen

Trarbacher Huhnerberg Spätlese Feinherb Riesling 2018

@delectable martin muellen trarbacher huhnerberg spatlese Feinherb *. The * makes it a separate wine.

A wow wine.

Nose is intensely elegant peach.

Palate is peach nectar. Stunningly delicious. So dense. Almost honeyed. Finish is extra. It’s like that extra oomph from a skin contact wine ... but the oomph is all vineyard. Wow.

Internal aromatics are winemaker fairy tale peach perfume.

This wine is insanely good. Why am I not giving it a 10? Maybe could be more mineral.

Bought from fass selections.
— 6 days ago

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