Frost Bitten Wines

Domaine Chandon de Briailles

Les Lavières Savigny-lès-Beaune 1er Cru Pinot Noir 2017

This is the version without sulfur. Opened with about 2 hours of air and the funk blew off, not that there was that much to begin with. By 2.5-3hr there was a lot more mint and leather in it, less abrasive on the palette. Nose of tangy rhubarb tart, mossy log, lil mint. Integrated acidity and tannin, not that fruity. Palette had a hint of pacific cooler, Gatorade frost into the best piece of chalk you’ve ever eaten. Long finish with vanilla bean ice cream and fresh red berries — a month ago

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Vineyard 29

Estate Cabernet Sauvignon 2007

2nd day is essential, opened yesterday & decanted 4 hours today. This is right there with the 2005.
Its been 4 years since my last 07, it still has plenty of life but why wait when you can decant🤷🏼‍♂️
The 29 Estate vineyard is situated on the east-facing hillside at the base of the Mayacamas range, a couple miles north of St. Helena and just above Highway 29. The soil here is clay loam with gravel deposits, deeper at the bottom of the slope and shallower and rockier toward the top (the Sauvignon Blanc is planted in the rockiest spot, followed by the Cabernet Franc and then Cabernet Sauvignon). The slope and soil content ensure good drainage, while the rocks and gravel allow the roots to penetrate deep, ensuring more stable vines and more consistent ripeness. Average yields here for Cabernet Sauvignon are a moderate 2.8 to 3.2 tons per acre, held down by the vine stress associated with steep vines.

Vineyard 29 is located in the narrow hourglass part of Napa Valley and benefits from consistently good air flow. Even in 2008, there was just a touch of frost at the bottom of the vineyard, according to McMinn, who noted that his Aida vineyard just two miles to the north is typically six or seven degrees warmer. The site also benefits from its eastern exposure, capturing early morning sunlight but with the mountain above protecting the vines against the most intense afternoon sun. The result is slow, consistent ripening of the grapes and healthy sugar levels with much less risk of desiccation, which in turn means rounder, more integrated tannins. Although St. Helena is a very warm region, day-night temperature variation at Vineyard 29 is among the widest in Napa Valley, according to McMinn.

Thanks to Vineyard 29’s well-aerated site and protection from the hottest afternoon sun, the estate Cabernet always has sound acidity; it has never been acidified, according to winemaker Emerson. The pH of the Vineyard 29 estate wine is typically between 3.75 and 3.9, and alcohol levels are moderate by Napa Valley standards, almost always in the high 14s (with 2009 the only vintage to have exceeded 15%). The wines are frequently characterized by black and blue fruits—cassis, blackberry, blueberry—and notes of chocolate, licorice and spices. Compared to the Grace Family Vineyards wine, made from a vineyard barely 200 yards to the north from the same plant material, the Vineyard 29 wine is characteristically a bit less floral and delicate but riper and denser, combining power with typically plush, ripe tannins. Emerson noted that Vineyard 29 is typically harvested at least a week later than the Grace site, noting that the tannins “take a long time to lose their chalky character and come around.” Luckily, he added, “the fruit here can hang for a long time without getting too crazy with sugar.” And the estate routinely picks in two passes, typically seven to ten days apart.

— 5 months ago

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David L

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Quite impressive...MAG of 07 👍👏


Delicious 🤤

Frost Bitten Wines

Yakima Valley Ice Riesling

Fruity on the nose. Light pear, peach, pineapple. Pairs well with dark chocolate truffles. — 3 months ago

Martha Stoumen

California Cabernet Sauvignon Blend

Christmas tree farms, cold frost
Fresh mint tea and baked goods
— 5 months ago

Château Puynard

Premières Côtes de Blaye Red Bordeaux Blend 2017

2017 vintage. Second vintage under Irish ownership. No frost damage here. Very ripe nose, almost New World in style. Fruitforward and seductive. No wood. An estate to watch with huge potential. — 5 months ago

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Cider Hill Cellars

Winter Rum Barrel Aged Frost Cider 2020

Delicious! Warm caramel apple flavor. Very unique ice cider - sweet but a natural apple sweet. — 6 months ago

Luke Conway
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Luke Conway

Luke Conway

Yes. What you said ^


Väterchen Frost Sparkling Blend

dry, very sparkling, champagne-like, fruit — 7 months ago

The Mascot

Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon 2008

In 2008 bud break began very early. There were initial threats of frost but our vineyards, situated on hillsides above the floor of the valley, were fortunately unaffected. The growing season was quite temperate until August when a few stretches of warmer days accelerated ripening, resulting in one of the earliest harvests to date.
The wine in its youth is charming: juicy, with soft tannins and hints of spice. The nose is enveloped by ripe black cherries with hints of graphite and baked clay. On the palate the wine is lavish: acidity takes on a background role, while fruit carries the day within a structure of precocious tannin. This vintage of The Mascot is not remembered for density per se, but more for its harmony, proportion, and long, generous finish.
— 4 months ago

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Honorio Rubio Villar

Macerado Edicion Limitada Rioja Viura 2018

100% Viura, 6 months skin contact.

Absolutely LOVE this wine!!
Viura fans only please, find it, drink it, love it, buy a lil more & stash it. Waxed. Specialz.

If I had another bottled, and chilled.... it would be a special night.

For me, this wine is possibly equated to a Burg-hounds iodine marinated fossilized crustacean shell infused Kimmeridgian fruit forward Chablis (love my Burgundy Blanc’s too)... or something.

More Vintages, Please!

Paired with hickory smoked Salmon.

Note-wise, Ill say it has great fruit, golden, iron-like note, along with a ?peppercorn skin essence? (Essence mixed peppercorn, olfactory, not bitten into), hint of apricot... texture changes with temp (more tannic and rough when cold, smooth round fruit when warmer). Pure enjoyment. Possible almond shell note with age.

Does not state exactly, the length of skin contact. Harvest - bottling on. March 2, 2019. Approx 5-6months (Sept-March). 13% ABV
— 5 months ago

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Adam Beasley

Adam Beasley

@Rhonely Boy I’ve gotta hunt this down. Sounds awesome.
Rhonely Boy

Rhonely Boy

I love the varietal Viura/Macabeo, most perceive it as nuetral, and have to admit that its not the most upfront showy varietal. Its a varietal that lights up my sensors though.

Its a fantastic varietal example.

Viura resists oxidation, and can age. Fruity and wonderful now, skin contact adds complexity and tannin. Excited to see how this ages, as I picked up a few extra bottles.

Domaine Coche-Dury (J.F. Coche Dury)

Les Rougeots Meursault Chardonnay

Pear, buttery, lightly toasted, high mineral content, medium body. Wines are more delicate under the son but I miss a bit of the smoke of the father. Great effort in a very frost affected year. — 6 months ago

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