Black Sage Bench, Okanagan Valley

La Frenz

Rockyfeller Vineyard Syrah 2016

Delicious black fruit and pepper, almost perfumey nose but also a hint of wet slate. Deep ruby purple color, tannins well integrated after 1 hr of decanting, medium acid, slight smokiness on the finish. — 21 days ago


Naramata Bench Merlot Malbec 2016

A black cherry, chocolaty number that as weird as it seems I thought was just perfect in the D'Angelo winery garden in the searing heat with the kids playing about in the water spritzers, dogs lazing, and the conversation flowing. A great memory! — 4 months ago

Anita Beishuizen
with Anita

Foxtrot Vineyards

Naramata Bench Pinot Noir 2017

Medium ruby; medium plus intensity aromas of intense lingonberry jam, ripe raspberries, ripe black currant, ripe blackberry, earth, heady potpourri, subtle vanilla and baking spices; dry, medium acid, medium silky tannins, alcohol listed at medium but tasted pretty hot to me, medium body, medium plus intensity flavors consistent with aromas; medium plus finish, flavors very ripe and concentrated , but quite elegant, outstanding — 5 months ago

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Van Westen Vineyards

Voluptuous Merlot Cabernet Franc 2016

Black currant here with maybe a powderier and softer structure than I remember in other vintages. That said, this is such a great wine year after year. If you enjoy it, try getting your hands on their Vulture which is 100% Cab Franc for a similar expression without the merlot to mellow it. — 3 months ago

Anita Beishuizen
with Anita

Black Sage Vineyard

Okanagan Valley Cabernet Franc 2017

A ripe example which may actually be to its detriment for those who enjoy a little more cray cray in their Cabernet Franc. That said, with its balanced red and black fruit and cocoa-y character, this wine could easily be described as elegant. It actually reminded me of the fad a few years back around "chocolate ports". Anyway, there is certainly quality here and much like any and all wines that derive from the Sumac Ridge heritage, this would definitely be a crowd pleaser. — 4 months ago

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Black Sage Vineyard

Okanagan Valley Cabernet Sauvignon

Bought in Toronto. Had with steak and veggies with my beautiful family — 7 months ago

Guisela Inga
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Black Sage Vineyard

Okanagan Valley Zinfandel

Really great wine. Had with steak. Jammy, vanilla, woody. Excellent! — 3 months ago

Little Engine Wines

Gold Label Pinot Noir 2018

Everything at Little Engine seems like it's priced about $10 a bottle higher than local comparables, but that said, despite their pricing and somewhat snootier-than-necessary attitude throughout the organization, they have some interesting wines on offer. In the case of this Gold Label Pinot Noir, it's about depth of flavor and earthiness. Mushroom, dark-rich garden soil, blackberry, black plum, and some baking spiced swimming around in there. Quite nice. Everyone has their own Pinot style and it seems unnecessary to rank then Silver, Gold, and Platinum. This one's worth giving a try though. — 3 months ago

Anita Beishuizen
with Anita

Nichol Vineyard

Nate's Vineyard Syrah 2016

Herbaceous nose. Black fruit in the mouth with notes of leather tobacco, spearmint and green pepper. This will probably reach its prime in 2-5 years. Exquisite wine. — 6 months ago

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Road 13

British Columbia Cabernet Sauvignon 2017


A stunning Okanagan Cabernet from the award winning Road 13 winery. Presenting delightful layering complexity this approachable Cab offers black currant, sage, leather and earth hints rounded out with wonderful tannins and smooth legs. As the label proclaims “Booyah”. Cheers 🍷🇨🇦 — 7 months ago

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