Anjou Saumur, Loire Valley

Anne Claude Leflaive

Clau de Nell Anjou Cabernet Franc 2011

Deep dark purple in the glass, muted at first but with air the aromatics of blackberries, violets, cracked pepper, graphite and dried leaves come out to play. Palate-saturating and velvety in the mouth with finely grained tannins and sweet dark berry fruit. Beautiful and should last a while — 3 days ago

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Clos Rougeard

Les Poyeux Saumur Champigny Cabernet Franc 2014

Excellent showing. Great concentration and mid palate presence. Long finish — 20 hours ago

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Agnès et René Mosse

Arena Savennières Chenin Blanc 2015

Vintage 2015 | The terroir dominates, this wine smells - almost stinks - of flint, soooo much minerality it pushes the character back of the Chenin Blanc. But I do not mind. A little, very little, touch of sweetness on the beginning of the tongue, very vibrant and expressive acids. The more I tasted the more I liked the wine. Paired with Dim Sun and Cantonese style Halibut with sugarsnaps. Lovely! — 9 days ago

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Nicolas Joly

Clos de la Coulée de Serrant Savennières Chenin Blanc 2012

Chenin ❤️‘ s botrytis

Unlike anything I’ve had nor was it what I was expecting. After the first sip (or the first pour), I had to set aside all previous experiences with Savienniéres. I mean—just look at that color.

Do not mistake the browning for oxidation (Nicolas Joly makes this distinction clear on the back label and on his website). The wine is developed, and there are oxidative notes, but the fruit flavors are still there, ripe and vibrant.

This is distilled essence of Chenin Blanc right here. Green apple, pear, apricot, beeswax, honey and almond. A dominant honey note but not sweet. White pepper and maybe a hint of ginger. That lanolin note hasn’t completely disappeared, but takes a back seat. Imagine a dry Sauternes…

Nicolas Joly recommends decanting and drinking over several nights. I skipped the first part of that recommendation and am working on the second this week.

Ordinarily, I’m not sure Joly would approve of my choice of “glassware,” but under the circumstances (birthday + oysters + a perfect afternoon watching the ocean mist rolling in over Tomales Bay) I have to imagine he’d be 100% on board.

Not bad for an 882nd consecutive vintage!
— 5 days ago

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Severn Goodwin

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Happy birthday, a great wine to celebrate.

Domaine Guiberteau

Les Arboises Monopole Brézé Saumur Cabernet Franc 2011

Mineral nose to start. Pink quartz. A little charcoal dust too, then cedar and violets. Nose has some green pepper but body is so red fruited, sweet-tart, transparent, sappy, herbal and delicious. Fairly advanced; not much tannin. Has maybe 5 years but I’d drink this now. — 16 days ago

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Domaine du Closel-Château des Vaults

Les Caillardieres Savennières Chenin Blanc 2016

Exudes beautiful lime and orchard fruit. This is such a fantastic vintage. Has that magical balance between ripeness, sweetness, and vivacity. Phenomenal. — 5 days ago

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Domaine du Petit Clocher

Anjou Chenin Blanc 2018

Big aromas and flavors of baked apples and pear compote. A touch of sweetness on the entry. Mineral and lemony notes with a hint of nuts on the finish. Creamy and weighty texture. Lots of mouth watering acidity. Rich but just a touch sharp. — 11 days ago

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Ferme de la Sansonnière (Mark Angeli)

La Lune Anjou Chenin Blanc 2011

Robe claire
Nez poire gourmand puis plus minérale à l’air
Bouche précise avec un sucre résiduel encore présent mais absorbé par la matière et l équilibre du fin encore très jeune
— 11 days ago

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Domaine Arnaud Lambert

Saint Cyren Bourg Terres Rouges Saumur-Champigny 2019

Bright and lifted. Very refined. Red fruit. Violets. Faintest hint of herbs/pepper. Killer. — 11 days ago

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Clos Rougeard

"Brézé" Saumur Chenin Blanc 2010

A wine that with age, can always be argued as to whether or not it’s showing correctly. At first it seemed advanced, and it may have been, but after a short time in the decanter it gains volume, energy and focus, becoming much more enjoyable. A great match for the menu too. — 20 days ago

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