A Sour Beer Co


Pumpkin Beer

This is delicious! Tastes just like chocolate and has a kick to it! 🍺🍫🌶 @Delectable Wine please correct the beer thank you! — 9 hours ago

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Bénédicte & Stéphane Tissot

Amphore Savagnin 2011

Wonderful, funky, sour beer orange wine. Yum. A great fall white. Soft body with a nice long saline finish. — 14 days ago

Ellen Christen
with Ellen
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Damm S. A.

Inedit malt & Wheat Beer

Bear champagne — 17 days ago

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Small Batch Sour Mash Whiskey 1753

Applewood, poached pear, maple syrup and pecans with black lime, ginger lemon-honey, orange bitters, rosemary, baked sweet potatoes oozing créme fraîche, brown sugar and caramel. It’s a noseful! Hot, herbaceous mouthful on the coat. Warm maduro-caramel turns noir in the slanted chiaroscuros of toffee and brittle, respectively. Big lemon citrus with orange zest, banana bread, sage, allspice, mace, cedar, pipe tobacco puff, black raisin, with a svelte acid streak running the length of a generous satin mouthfeel. Impossible value here. Complex notes from the mash make this sparkle with edgy notes of bottled lightning. #Michters #Michterssmallbatch #Michterssmallbatchsourmash #Michterssourmash #whiskey #Anericanwhiskey #KYwhiskey #ky #fermentedmash #upcycledmash #mash #louisvilleky #Michtersdistillery — a month ago

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Super Dry Draft Beer

Hate to admit it, but this was so good. There's a running joke where I used to work - only the Asian's know that proper beer should taste like... Nothing. Can't be truer here. Ice cold, crisp, and light-tasting, this can was perfect after a long work day and intense leg session. So much for post workout recovery, but it sure as heck hit a spot. "The beer for all seasons" indeed. Well-played, Asahi 👏 Well-played. — 20 days ago

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Wells & Young

Banana Bread Beer 2015

We are a huge fan of you and me and this was just as great. I may actually like it more. It was a bit peppery, which I love. Great nose. — 24 days ago

Rajat Parr

Amador County País 2019

Day one, watermelon Jolly Rancher. Day two, ocean air wafting over a hot dumpster. Or just a supremely funky sour beer. — 14 days ago

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A Sour Beer Co.

The Rare Barrel Map of The Moon 2019

Tart apricots for days. One of the best pairings for sour beer. Just amazing amount of flavor. — 21 days ago

Grand Teton Brewing Co.

American Sour Ale 2014

Well six years after release and it is phenomenal. So we’ll balanced with a bit of persimmons, apricot jam, almost a vanilla cherry flavor to probably from the wine barrel. Definite funk and acid but restrained. I haven’t seen as many sours bottled from them the last few times I was up there, but hope to get some more. — 8 days ago