Château de Saint-Cosme

Côtes du Rhône Syrah 2019

Very good for the under $20 price tags. #rhone #valuewine #value — 5 months ago

Tenuta Monteti

Caburnio Toscana Alicante Bouschet Blend 2010

Derek Cohen

All the lavender/mocha/black cherry/smoke of a solid LB #bordeaux plus the black pepper of #alicante, plus the lip smacking med-short finish of a Tuscan wine. Awesome, I'm really happy with it. Get it instead of bordeaux at the same price ($17ish US). Seriously. #igt #toscana #valuewine — 5 years ago

Weinkonvent Dürrenzimmern

Trocken Riesling 2014

A friend brought this little gem back with him from Munich. Nice aromatics and great with chicken lettuce wraps! #valuewine — 4 years ago

Matthew Cohen
with Matthew


Vino Nobile di Montepulciano Sangiovese 2011

Derek Cohen

I usually try to support my local boutique merchant over #traderjoes but I'll be god dammed if this isn't the greatest $11 bottle I've ever had. It's the legit, #elegant #leather #redcurrants you want out of #vinonobile di #montepulciano, and expect to pay over $30 for. What's actually in it where it can cost that and still have that DOCG I have no idea. One of those #valuewine #mysteries better left unsolved. — 6 years ago

Robert Goyette

Sonoma County Pinot Noir 2013

excellent #valuewine hard to do #Pinot a this price well and not too overblown. It is simple. But at $10.99 on sale at #costco is awesome — 4 years ago


Greco di Bianco Greco Bianco

Weirdly like a full bodied #reisling to me! Lots of flint, sea breeze and was snappy zippy and full all at the same time! Awesome #valuewine — 5 years ago

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