Sebes Estate

Transylvania Sauvignon Blanc 2016

If you’re not a fan of the typical green grassy aromas of New World #sauvignonblanc , this more ripe #romania wine might be right up your alley. There’s some citrus but lots of tropical notes on the nose including some toasted coconut, but still plenty of crisp acidity. For the price it’s a good wine. #wsjwine — a year ago

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Cabernet Sauvignon Merlot 2009

Wojciech Bońkowski

I dont write that often but this (& the Syrah 2011) is a v impressive red from #Romania. — 5 years ago

Broc Cellars

Vine Starr Sonoma County Zinfandel 2013


The absolutely worst #zinfandel I've ever had and hope I ever will have. If I had the time I would write a thesis on the evils of #wholecluster ferments. I've never tried a #Crljenak Kaštelanski from #croatia but blind tasting this wine I localized it in #georgia or #romania or somewhere like that and felt like it was a weak or feeble #pinot Med- color, #spicy nose with white pepper (cluster) and #geranium (defect) on the palate it was not just acidic, but off balance and sour! A #zin sour? Yes :( green notes through and through. Med- finish. You can drink it and as a wine I could have scored it higher, but when I uncovered the bottle and found it was supposed to be a #zinfandel I am giving it this score. I'm all for imitating #burgundy, but with Pinot and when it's done right. I think a #beaujolais is better than this. #california have we gone perhaps too far in the wrong direction? — 4 years ago

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Jim Wagonfeld

Jim Wagonfeld

Love your honesty. More is needed. Thanks!

Domaine Denis Thomas

Terre Précieuse Chardonnay

Wojciech Bońkowski

Impressive oaked #Chardonnay from #Romania. Europe’s fastest-improving wine country? — 4 years ago

Petro Vaselo

Otarniţa Pinot Noir

Wojciech Bońkowski

A still too oaky but promising Pinot Noir from Banat, #Romania. — 5 years ago