Vignobles Bulliat

Nature Morgon Gamay

Wines that over-deliver as much as this one does are truly rare. Outstanding value!
#beaujolais #morgon
— a year ago

Domaine Les Charmes

Morgon Gamay 2015

Vintage 2015 - little nose, smooth taste. Raspberries in taste. Weekday #Morgon. Belgian bottling by Colruyt. Good p/q. Partnered with salad and goatcheese en Turkey from bbq. — 2 years ago

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Domaine des Billards (Barbet)

Saint-Amour Gamay

Had the 2015 tonight. On first sip, aromas of #bouquet on the nose, #cherry #plum #strawberry notes, medium tannin #dryred, medium alcohol. #highacidity finishing up #peppery and hint of #leather. #youthful and #easytodrink on it's own. Perfect for chill mid spring day. One caveat on deacons sip - the texture is somewhat "thin" compared to other #beaujolais from #morgon or #fleurie and to me , that's less interesting :/ hence it is at lower price point. Still good quality for the price tho — 3 years ago

Patrick Brunet

Morgon Cote du Puy 2017

Shockingly fine. Pure, energetic, fruity and engaging, with the extra intensity and complexity that comes from extremely old vines. This is as riveting in its youth as Brunet’s legendary 2014. Not as big as the ‘15 or ‘16, but way more detailed. One of the greatest young Bojos I’ve ever tasted. #domainederobert #morgon #gamay — 2 years ago

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Domaine Ruet

"Douby" Morgon Gamay 2014

Strawberry starburst baby! The most unusual Beaujolais I've had. Magical! ✨ #morgon #gamay #beaujolias — 3 years ago

Jean François Ganevat

Cuvée Madelan Nature Gamay

Juicy gamay, slightly tart, slightly animal with consequent lenght and structure 2015 #vdp #morgon #oldvines — 3 years ago

Marco Bergevin
with Marco
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Patrick Brunet

Morgon Cote du Puy 2016

Beetroot, crushed rocks. More open and drinkable now than the massive 2015. Pleasantly tannic. Another in a string of sensational Crus from Brunet! #morgon #gamay #crubeaujolais — 2 years ago

Marcel Lapierre

Cuvée Mathieu Morgon Gamay 2014

Charles (Chad) Bucklin

Deep concentration with a black/ruby core. Young and perfumed on the nose showing lots of fresh red fruit and a cherry/cranberry juice note. Spice and a fatty note. The palate was tight and had a firm structure. Well balanced and serious. Palate less expressive than nose. Med length. Needs time. #beaujolais #morgon #marcellapierre #gamay #burgundy #ctbucklinwine — 3 years ago

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Domaine Rochette

Côte du Py Morgon Gamay 2015

Blackberry and floral aromas with a dry unripe cherry finish. #morgon #beaujolais #gamay — 3 years ago

Laurent Perrachon

Corcelette Morgon Gamay

#beaujolais #morgon and fantastic for the price. Will be fun to c how it develops in the bottle over a few years — 3 years ago

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