Music and Wine: August 2020

Welcome to Delectable's column, Music and Wine! If you’re on the lookout for newly released music, grab your headphones. If you’re searching for a fresh bottle, grab your glass. And if you’re looking for the perfect wine to pair with that pop song you can't stop playing on repeat, then sit back, relax, and enjoy these Delectable tunes. Each month, we gather a playlist of newly released songs and pair them with wines that hit all the right notes. Listen on Spotify Now 1. Unbothered – Tori Kelly Appropriately titled for this time of life filled with quarantine and social distancing, Tori Kelly’s Solitude EP gives listeners an overall relaxed, pop vibe that is easy to turn on while hanging out at home. If you’re looking for company, then turn on this EP and specifically listen to “Unbothered”. Take 3 minutes and 23 seconds to sit back, relax, and try to adopt the mindset Tori has, even if it’s only for those 3 minutes and 23 seconds. Tori sings about feeling brand new and not letting anything mess with her unbothered peace of mind. Grab a cup of coffee, tea, maybe a treat and take some time for yourself to recharge before you complete your day. And if your treat is wine, pair this song with a Provence Rosé Blend . 2. Lie to Me – Vera Blue Fear of a new relationship mixed with an electro-pop tune results in Vera Blue’s latest single, “Lie to Me”. Vera sings, “Would you lie to me? If I lie, would you lie? / Say goodbye to me? When you’re there by my side?”. If you’ve been hurt by a partner in the past, then you might be trepidatious about entering a new relationship. Falling for someone new can be scary, but you can dance through these nerves and concerns by listening to Vera Blue’s single. With a song that questions everything, we think you need a wine that is a bit calculated. Maybe try a Teroldego ? 3. IN A DREAM – Troye Sivan We love an upbeat breakup song, and Troye Sivan gives us introspection mixed with a beat that won’t have you crying in a corner like a majority of breakup ballads. Troye sings “I won’t let you in again / That’s the hardest thing I’ve ever said”. This song fits perfectly into the acceptance phase of a breakup. You miss a certain someone but know that you shouldn’t let them back in, yet they have the audacity to show up in your dreams. So, what do you do? You call your friends, you turn on this song, and then you pop a bottle of Loire Chenin Blanc . 4. Pace – Nubya Garcia Calling all our jazz lovers or anyone who wants to change up their day-to-day playlists! Have you had days where you’re running from meeting to meeting, errand to errand, phone call to phone call, gig to gig, and so busy you don’t sit down until the day is finally complete? Then “Pace” off of Nubya Garcia’s debut album, SOURCE is calling to you. Garcia herself shares that she wrote this particular song during a busy period of her life. The pace of the song changes throughout the almost 8 minutes it takes to listen to the entire song. There are lulls where you can imagine someone sitting on a train or at a red light before the piano picks up and your vision changes to someone running down a busy city street just to make it to their meeting on time. This song simultaneously makes you pumped up enough to tackle the busy day while also reminding you to slow down every so often. This busy song needs an equally busy wine. What about a Pet Nat ? 5. Baby It’s You – London Grammar If you ever found yourself at a dance competition watching the contemporary solos or watched any dramatic CW tv show, then you’ve heard a London Grammar song. Too niche? Listen to “Wasting My Young Years” and the connection will make complete sense; trust us. Whether you listen to their old jams or tune into their newest single “Baby It’s You”, London Grammar has a distinctive sound that has followed them throughout their entire discography. “Baby It’s You” still contains the haunting characteristic of songs past, but with a more positive twist. We still feel like we should be in a tv show montage, but instead of negative drama, it’s a montage all about falling in love with that one special person who you always return to. This song requires a red wine with earthy tones. How about a California Pinot Noir ? 6. Envious – Aluna Grab those dancing shoes cause this fourth single off Aluna’s debut solo album will have you ready to let it all go by dancing as big as you can all around the room. “Envious” speaks for those who are aware of their jealous tendencies. Lyrics such as, “Don’t make me envious / You know I’m cruel when I see red / And I’m losing my head / You’re gonna make me dangerous” showcase someone who knows how they act when they're envious and are asking someone who they know can get under their skin to not play games with their heart and just dance it all out instead. What is a better way to take five minutes for yourself than to just dance out your feelings? Add a bottle of Pessac-Léognan Red Bordeaux Blend . Listen to last month's playlist here .