Put A Cork In It

In Sheep's Clothing

Columbia Valley Cabernet Sauvignon 2019

Really enjoy it. Much more like a Pinot - dark, long finish, no oak, fruit forward. But it’s very good, and decent priced — 7 days ago

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Ravines Wine Cellars

Argetsinger Vineyard Dry Riesling 2017

I’d put this up against top Rieslings from anywhere. Great nose with loads of petrol, slate, meadow flowers, fresh apple/grape fruit, and a hint of honey. Bone dry in the mouth, loads of acidity and stony minerality, very refreshing. Good length. Nice as an aperitif but damn I wish I had a plate of seared scallops to go with it! — 15 days ago

Rebecca Anne CasagrandeAngelo Casagrande
with Rebecca and Angelo
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Vincent Carême

Spring Vouvray Chenin Blanc

Good straw color. I smelled mostly pear/apple but some mineral on it though I couldn’t put a name to it. :/
Complex on the palate and surprisingly full for how acidic it was. A good dry white that can be served in the summer.
— 32 minutes ago

Artemis Karamolegos

34 Santorini Ancestral Vines Dry Assyrtiko 2016

erto l

in goes the corkscrew and out is the cork
pour in the glass, sniff and “damn…”
pour in da Boss’s glass, sniff and double “damn… gimme more”. twenty minute battle of short pours later and it all gone:-)
seriously though,
bottle shows MUCH better than previous in November 2021. the acid is just right now. few left to consume over next few months (why wait if it perfect now (‘sides acid dropped a lot in six months)) If i get one for meself (sorry Boss) maybe i’ll update the tasting notes.
Or get yer own “damn” bottle(s) and know for yourself:-)
— 3 days ago


Sonoma Valley Godello 2015

This wine shouldn’t be here… lost in an overcrowded cellar. We decided to pull the cork before we tossed it. Surprise! Slight gold oxidation… but in glorious shape. Still alive…still acid snd fruit… and a long caressing, creamy finish. I really enjoyed these young and vibrant. This wine is in a different place…makes me wish Morgan was still making these . Reaffirms my enjoyment of Albariño… even from Napa. — 16 days ago

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Domaine Bertrand

Nova Fleurie Gamay 2019

Prior notes still apply, this is a beautiful gamay. It stayed open and without cork for 2 days (by mistake 🙃) and it still holds it ground. I love it — 6 days ago

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A. Bender

Pinot Noir

Served with dinner on a Viking River cruise. Smooth light and free as in came with dinner. Enjoyed it but will not be seeking it out — 25 days ago

Anne Miller
with Anne


Souvignier Gris 2018

Kojder souvignier gris 2018

This reminds me of viogner wines from the rhone Valley. Almost a polish version of condrieu!
Apricot on the nose along with some oxydatives notes. A very dry palate with a bit of matter in it, some weight to it with these apricot notes, a great finish with a salty note in the end. A great tasting experience!
— 8 days ago

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00 Wines

VGW Chardonnay 2017

Shay A

Rounding up here. Closer to 89-90 upon opening, but fleshed out and mellowed (in a good way) later in the day.

I’ve had the VGW, EGW, Eola Springs and the Richard Hermann and found the VGW to be the most different. The vein of simileties between these Chardonnays is a fair bit of reduction, but the others have this sweet-smoke to them…the VGW comes across more sweat/vegetal on the nose. I put it in a decanter and left it alone for an hour and it had shed that note and revealed grilled lemon and oyster shell in its place. Deep yellow in the glass with a bright yet mid weight profile. It’s not rich nor is it lean. Herb crusted yellow fruits and lemon oil dominate the palate. Stoney/mineral driven. I corked this after 6hrs and then revisited the next day and found that it was fairly similar to the last glass I had the evening before. Obviously a few years will benefit this, but if opening now, definitely give it a decant.

I’m not sure I can compare this Oregon Chardonnay to anything else. 13% ABV, and I suppose it’s very “Oregon” as I could see it being a bridge between OR and burgundy.
— 14 days ago

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Deborah M

Deborah M

So glad to see your review on this one @Shay A ! I just grabbed 3 of these and have yet to try. Given the nod to Burgundian style, you think these can sit a couple years or do I need to consume quickly??
Shay A

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@Deborah M : Definitely no rush to consume. It’s ready to go as long as you can let it breathe for a while…took almost an hour in the decanter to blow off its reductive funk. Once it did, it was enjoyable.


Palo Blanco Valle de la Orotava Listan Blanco 2019

In a testament to just how great these wines are and how good the wine making is, let me just tell you what my dumbass did to this wine by accident. I was in my fridge yesterday and saw I had left this bottle entirely full with a cork pulled for over a week. I thought back to when I would've opened it, and my jaw dropped. I had opened it two hours before meal time and then we changed the food plan so we changed wines but I forgot about already opening this wine. I left it in the door of the fridge so I missed it.

The wine is gloriously good… I was shocked that it wasn't completely oxidized. We drank it over the last two days and it was very delicious. Complex with citrus and white orchard fruits, leaning more citrus, zesty and salty brine, loads of minerality, dried wild florals, quite the wine here. Excellent med+ acidity, med/med+ body, med+ length.
— 14 days ago

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Tom Kobylarz

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Ha, yeah I liked your note as I experienced very much also the mineral part you wrote about. Nice to meet you here!
Aaron Tan

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Nice to meet you too @Tom Kobylarz! Yea, the minerality was undeniable in both the 19’ and 18’, but the latter was just so much fresher for me. Haha. Still getting my gauge on this wine.
Tom Kobylarz

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@Aaron Tan i think most still are with the limited track record but I hope my not me adds more depth to it, crazy how it was not even compromised