Pinot Grigio

Cantina Lavis

Trentino Pinot Grigio

Cathy Corison

At The Chef and the Cook for brunch on Mother’s Day after Grace’s graduation, Baldwinsville, NY. Delicious A good reason to not dis the entire class of wines. Full and snappy at the same time. Citrus and melons. — 8 days ago

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Forte Alto Dolomiti Pinot Grigio 2018

Light and fruity, the perfect accompaniment to an early summer day. C says it goes down I’ll definitely be buying more! — 9 days ago

Azienda Agricola Sant'Elena

Klodic Venezia Giulia Pinot Grigio 2012

Very nice orange wine from big nose, had at Living room concert. — 2 days ago

Kellerei St. Michael-Eppan

Alto Adige Pinot Grigio

Look, Pinot Grigio is not a serious wine. But giving this one 9.0 because it is perfect for what it is - a light friendly white wine to drink with friends. — 5 days ago

Tenute Ruzzolaio

Terre di Chieti Pinot Grigio 2017

You immediately smell fresh cut cold Green Apple when first poured and nosed. Has it warms smell transitions to raw honey like in hive combs,sweet but not sugary and the hint of outdoors funk! The body of the fluid is luxurious in mouth.
In tasting this wine is subtle throughout = balanced ....Green Apple, honeydew melon, lemon acidity that flattens out with a warming and bitterness of raw asparagus.
Truly an adventure worth trying on bright sunny day. Enjoyed with homemade cod cakes an d garden salad 🙌🏼🍷
— 16 days ago


Moki Pinot Grigio

Fun skin contact pet nat, great for summer.. funky but approachable — 7 days ago

Santa Margherita

Valdadige Pinot Grigio 2017

All the wine shop owners want me to try something else less expensive or their favorite, but this is my favorite light white wine/Pinot Grigio. — 6 days ago


Pinot Grigio 2014

Really liked this orange from the border of Slovenia and Italy. Light but funky and balanced with mineral depth. — 9 days ago


Pinot Grigio 2017

Nice example, perfect food wine. Neutral but not thin. Slightly rich with great acid and length. Citrus and ‘mineral’ if I can use that term. Very clean. — 13 days ago

Kirkland Signature

Friuli Grave Pinot Grigio

Would buy again. Pretty good and affordable. — 4 days ago