Petit Verdot

Alpha Omega

Napa Valley Petit Verdot 2012

Darkest of dark purple. Dry, full bodied, dark fruits, leather, tobacco. Revisiting after 30 months...outstanding! — 13 days ago

Michael SeelyJoe Roth
with Michael and Joe
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Sparkman Cellars

Underworld Petit Verdot 2013

Almost a little smokiness to this one. Really nice. — 4 hours ago

Willowcroft Vineyard

Petit Verdot 2014

Been sitting on this bottle for 3 years. Can’t believe i didn’t crack it open sooner! — 11 days ago

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Château Lascombes

Margaux Red Bordeaux Blend 2005

Shay A

Another Wednesday Wine Committee in the books. Great hosting by @Bill Makens . 1 sparkler, 3 whites, 4 reds, 1 dessert wine all served blind.

Textbook. Everything about this screamed Bordeaux. Oiled leather wrapped currant, underripe blackberries, licorice and herbal spice aromatics. Less powerful than I expected on the palate, but nimble and clean. Mocha, charcoal, dark fruit and chewy tannins. I called this late ‘00s left bank Bordeaux.
— 17 days ago

Colby SirattBill MakensWeston Eidson
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David T

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Still holding mine. Better things ahead in five or more plus years. Great vintage.
Evan Bienstock

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Love this wine, but a bit “modern” IMHO.


Rutherford Cabernet Sauvignon Blend 2008

I guess it has been a while since I experienced this one as I cannot find my previous rating here. This was a fun comparison made between this wine and a 2008 William Harrison Rutherford red, a Bordeaux blend made from grapes of Quintessa's immediate neighbor to the north. Styles were extremely different. Whereas the Harrison showed a darker side of Rutherford fruit with distinct Rutherford dust, this to me seemed to have more black cherry, herbal and youthful qualities to it but the backbone did still seem to be youthful blackberry. Still quite a bit of stiff oak astringency on the finish, but Rutherford dust did shine through. I was really amazed how youthful this wine was for 11 years. This thing could go another 15 to 20 years no question. This is a thoroughbred in a long race! Quintessa is always a treat!! — 13 hours ago

Bradley DavisShay AJason Jones
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Shay A

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This bottle was open about an hour before the ‘08 WMHarrison (basically its neighbor in Napa) and this was substantially more youthful. Lots of classical Rutherford dust, with black cherries, tart and underripe blackberries and herbal sage on the nose. Dates, cedar, mocha, dark cocoa and youthful rhubarb pie on the palate. Tannic. More Bordeaux like when compared to the WMHarrison...I’d hold for a few more years.

Spring Valley Vineyard

Sharilee Petit Verdot 2013

Better than the 2011, nice little wine. — 4 hours ago

Château Montrose

Saint-Estèphe Red Bordeaux Blend 2003

PnP. If I was tasting blind I would have said 8 year old California cab. Ripe and robust on both the nose and in the mouth. However this was restrained in the context of the vintage. Overt fruitiness but none of the over the top ripeness that characterizes this vintage . Despite the extracted fruit the acidity kept this beautifully balanced. Very smooth and round. No signs of age and would not open another bottle for 10 years plus.
A wine still in its infancy..
— 10 days ago

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Neil Valenzuela

Neil Valenzuela

Amazing. Cheers!
Daniel P. Drake

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Nice! ♥️

Joseph Phelps Vineyards

Insignia Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon Blend

David T

The Joseph Phelps Party. This is the 17 Insignia.

The nose shows; brooding, black currants, dark tarriness, heavy expresso roast grounds, heavily extracted; blackberries, black raspberries, black plum with skin, with raspberries, cherries and strawberries faintly on the glass edges. Smoked meats, deep baking spices; clove, nutmeg, light cinnamon and just a touch of vanilla, dark turned earth, some dry top soil and fresh dark florals bouquet dominated with violets and lavender.

The body is round & full. The fruits are ripe, candied & juicy. It’s a brooding insignia that will need lots of cellar time. The body is thick, round and heavy. Dark tarry, meaty tannins. Dark currants and well extracted; blackberries, black raspberries, black plum with skin, with raspberries, cherries, raspberries and strawberries bring up the rear. Smoked meats, anise,
tough leather, big pipe tobacco, woody, deep baking spices; clove, nutmeg, light cinnamon and just a touch of vanilla, dark turned earth, some dry top soil, dry top soil, dry to mist clay, graphite and fresh dark florals bouquet dominated with violets and lavender. the acidity is round and big. The full finish is brooding, well textured, great balance and persists endlessly.
— 2 hours ago

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@David T David another great post Cheers 🍷

Sinegal Estate

Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon Blend 2015

Ron R

First time trying this. And it’s picking up pace with exposure to air. Very well done, but the regular cab is just as strong, Tipping the scales at $180, it’s a pass. Stick to the regular cab. — 8 days ago

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Ron R

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As always, thanks, @P A 🙂
Ron R

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Sinegal has been one of our huge cab finds, but not the reserve...
Ron R

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@Hugh O'Riordan, give it a whirl. I have more, and will lay em down for a while. I think the reserve needs it.

White Hall Vineyards

Petit Verdot 2014

Worth the wait. Fruit forward with a semi-dry finish. — 14 days ago

Sara Davenport
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