Pennsylvania, Usa

Mountain Laurel Spirits

Dad's Hat Genuine Small Batch 90 Proof Rye Whiskey

Love how it mellowed over time — 16 days ago

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La Casa Narcisi

Rosabella White Blend

A nice crisp white blend, some Pinot Grigio in the blend. A dry wine, a good blend of flavors. — 24 days ago

2 Towns Ciderhouse

Camp Clementine

Lemon yellow in color, very good clarity, decent head on pour but carbonation quickly recedes. Not much in the nose initially. Citrus and passion fruit flavors with tactile acidity - bubbles plus citric, malic. Apple flavors are threshold level at best; this is clementine and passion fruit forward. Refreshing with good alcohol and acidity balance, but I miss that apple cider flavor profile that should be there underneath. Definitely worth a try though — 5 days ago

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Galen Glen

Lehigh Valley Grüner Veltliner

Nick M

This is the real deal. Amazing. High quality GV grown practically in my back yard! Yes, please! — 8 days ago

La Casa Narcisi


Really enjoy this drinking/eating wine! Had at Valerie's Shower. — 24 days ago

Goose Island Beer Co.

Lolita Belgian Style Wild Ale 2015

Key Lime Pie and Lolita? Hard slap of apple cider riding high on waves of apricot and cinnamon stick that is cheating with apple in Pickleville. Asian spices shimmer alongside. Real tart briny lime plays nice with Old Key Lime House-made pie. Bing cherry bringing the cringe from the fringes to the face cave! Sugar-olive dichotomies. The push and pull cancellations have me imagining pickled persimmon existences, dried, spiced Asian plum, banana pepper, potpourri woods, candied ginger, and bite after bite the palatal assault assuaged by lime and sugar and graham cracker. Bittersweet tang for the twang thang. — 6 days ago

La Casa Narcisi

Black Raspberry

This is a really good tasting sweet wine. Raspberry taste from beginning to end with a nice dark color- a red wine with natural flavors. I’d consider this more of a dessert wine. — 22 days ago


Bianco Niagara

Excellent with a crisp taste and grape-forward taste. Very enjoyable!! — 4 days ago


Sb Vineyard Collection Sunset Vineyard Sauvignon Blanc 2016

Ron R

Purchased this because I was nudged by @H.B Treadway, and all the ratings hype.
Citrus and zesty nose. On the palate, it certainly reminds me of it’s French counterpart. Not sure if this wine sees oak - it’s not perceptible. Stones and rocks combine with crisp white fruits. It’s a well made wine, but not in the style that we prefer. Jayson SB is a similar price, but is far better (more tropical and open-knit). If you like your SB’’s taught, and tilting to the dry side, this may be for you.
— 3 days ago

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Ron R

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Actually, I need to correct my text. Jayson is $8 more, and as a percentage, it’s a big difference. I prefer to spend the $23 on Jayson, and consume what I consider to be a polished SB.
H.B Treadway

H.B Treadway

Had to pay $29.00, but like you said, all depends on what you like🤷🏼‍♂️
Hugh O'Riordan

Hugh O'Riordan

Good stastical analytics