Pacherenc Du Vic Bilh, Southwest France

Pierre Péters

Cuvée de Réserve Brut Blanc de Blancs Champagne

jesus g

Before i continue with the rest of the wines. I gotta tell y’all, i had one hell of a month after bottlerock and it’s not even summer yet. We celebrate birthdays, and we also had to celebrate a dear friend’s life. So with all the ups and downs I’ve witnessed i want you guys to know that these wines were enjoyed with, and in honor of some brilliant people.
Also, that special occasion that you were saving that wonderful bottle of wine might just come sooner than you think. We never know what day may come where we’re faced with our final moments, but you’ll always rest assured you drank that stunning bottle of La Tâche with the ones you love most... when you’re ready or what ever, just something to think about
— 7 days ago

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Shay A

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Well said my friend.

Jacques Broustet

Autrement Red Blend 2014

Sweet blackberry nose. Palate is quite smooth. Sweet blackberries. Extremely delicious fruit. Some cassis on the finish. Maybe a hint of licorice. A really good Tuesday night Bordeaux with food. I dont mean to damn this with faint praise. It’s an amazing wine for what it is. ... getting better at the hour mark. Blackberry flower aromatics with some savoriness. Not a typical fass selections wine and not a typical Bordeaux but very delicious and interesting. It has a place in a cellar. It’s a wine you want to drink on a night you don’t want complications but you know once you drink a bit you will be open to the suggestion of complexity. — 3 days ago

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Millésime Brut Champagne Blend 2009

David T

First time trying the Baron-Fuente Millesime after their Reserve and it enjoying that quite a bit. This one needs a bit of time in bottle to show its better self than their N/V fresh.

The nose shows; macerated fruits of, green & golden apples, lemon, lime zest, well overripe pineapple, white peach and hints of grapefruit with pith. Lots of bread dough and yeastiness. Soft chalkiness & volcanic minerals, oyster shells, yellow florals & lilies with mixed greens.

The palate again delivers that bread dough & yeastiness. Macerated fruits of; green & golden apples, lemon, lime zest, well overripe pineapple, white peach and hints of grapefruit with pith. Lots of bread dough and yeastiness. Soft chalkiness & gritty volcanic minerals, saline, oyster shells, yellow florals & lilies with mixed greens. Good acidity and a well balanced & polished finish. This will deliver a little more with a 3-5 years in bottle.

Photos of; House of Baron Fuente, labeling machine, beautiful just harvested Chardonnay grapes and our news lounge chairs for sitting under our Japanese Maple.
— 9 days ago

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Sofia Jalilie

Sofia Jalilie

Beautiful collage 👌🏽💕

Caves de Saint Verny

Les Volcans Côtes d'Auvergne Gamay Pinot Noir 2017

There’s something spectacularly funky going on with the nose, campfire smoke and forest floor, very light bodied with cherry, red currants and raspberry. I liked it. — a day ago

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@Shawn Thompson Shawn Good post Cheers 🍷


Sounds refreshing!

Domaine de Brin

Vendemia Gaillac Duras 2015

Some heavy hitting on Monday night with Domaine Brin’s “Vendemia”. Mostly Duras with some Fer servadou and Merlot blended in. From SW France, this is a bit unyielding similar to the neighboring wines in Cahors. Dark & loaded with cracked pepper notes, this needs to open up a bit, but the future will be delicious. The record from Circuit Des Yeux, titled- Finding Indigo had a similar effect. It demands your undivided attention to hear the haunting interplay between the soaring vocals and meticulously nuanced arrangements.
One of my favorite albums of the last few years.
— 7 days ago

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Grande Cuveé 165ÈME Édition Brut Champagne Blend

Shay A

Heck of a hosting by @Weston Eidson last night for the City Club wine group. All wines were tasted blind.

Always just silly good. One of my favorite aromatics from champagne...”oxidative” with yeast, toffee, and caramelized nougat. Palate carrying sweet fruit cradled by oak with impeccable texture. I called this NV champagne, but mentioned it could be Krug. I will state though that once the producer was revealed, we were all a bit surprised based on the was rich, but wasn’t as powerful as expected? Then again, it was the third of three champagnes served so the power effect may have dwindled based on palate expectations.
— 3 days ago

Weston Eidsonjoe leatherwoodJeff Meyer
with Weston, joe and 2 others
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La Cuvée Brut Champagne Blend

David T

Quite delicious for its price point. I would say it slightly over delivers. Just misses 92.

Nice mousse, green apple, golden apple, lemon, lime zest, grapefruit, pineapple, guava, lychees, cream soda, bread dough, soft, moist chalkiness and powdery, soft chalkiness, jasmine, white spring flowers, nice acidity and a rich, polished and well balanced finish.

Good pair with our Brie and goats cheese.

Photos of; the House of Laurent Perrier, branded iron gates, their storage caves with bottles on A-frames and one of their Grand Cru vineyards.
— 2 days ago

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@David T David over delivering is a good thing Cheers 🍷

Domaine Cauhapé

Symphonie de Novembre Jurançon Petit Manseng 2012

The nose was a bit oxydized at first and I was afraid the wine was lost but it took off after a while. The nose is very strong on honey, apricot and brioche. The palate was very acid driven with a nice fatty, thick touch on the side and a real grip on the rear before and everlasting finish with honey. The wine screams botrytis but with a more agressive, more intense and maybe a tad less noble form than its sauternes and likes counterparts. I like its wild style. — 2 days ago

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Brut Rosé Champagne Blend

David T

If you see my posts, you know all too well that I am addicted to Rosé Champange. Also, I love to pair food & wine.

Everyone has a passion and or gift(s). One of the other things I do well is make the best fruit tart I’ve had anywhere. I’m not bragging, just relaying something that has played out through my experiences. I make it twice a summer season and have been waiting to pair with the Ruinart Rosé this season. I simply knew these two would be perfect together and it didn’t disappoint. Even over the Billecart Rosé which, on its own, I enjoy more over the Ruinart Rosé.

The fruits in each marry perfectly. The crust of the tart picked up and extenuated the dough/baguette crust in the Champagne. There is a perfectly even tug of war between the dessert and the Champagne which, is the primary essential building block of any good food & wine pairing. The wine and dish should not dominate one over the other. The flavors of each should complement each other in some fashion and there are normally many paths to choose from in getting there. This happened perfectly tonight with this Cuvée and my tart.

The Ruinart shows rich, deep and ripe fruits. Black cherry, strawberries, citrus blend, raspberries, soft, delicate chalkiness, mid intensity volcanic minerals, bread dough/Baguette crust, excellent acidity and beautifully, delicious, rich, elegant polished finish that persists minutes. 9.2 on its own and 9.4 with the fruit tart.

Photos of; the House of Ruinart, famous painting of Ruinart’s founder-Dom Thierry Ruinart, my fruit tart and the walk down to their chalky caves. So chalky, its seeped through the bricks they laid to support the ceiling and walls.
— 2 days ago

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@Dawn E.@P A Thank you! Have a great rest of the weekend. Cheers! 🍾🥂


I am starting to play on your Rose Champagne team!
David T

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@TheSkip Welcome to the experience. Enjoy!

Nicolas Champagneux

La Remise Syrah 2017

Lyle Fass

@Delectable Wine this is La Remise IGP.

lovely nose. Meaty, mineral and floral. Lovely dark fruits, big berry, a hint of sweetness and lovely tree bark, palate is fresh and ripe with lovely purity and wonderful velvety texture and a strong firm mineral spine. Lovely depth and freshness with on point acidity. Just delicious and so flavorful.
— 20 days ago

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