Desire Lines Wine Co.

Experimental Series No 2 Fred's Home Block Mourvedre 2018

Mataro in perfect balance. This bottle literally arrived with a broken neck from shipping and I had no choice but to finish it off immediately and salvage a sneak peak. Pure pleasure while holding the perfect amount of complexity you want from the delta terroir, which is not a large window, and proves to those who can make it the real mastery that lay in the glass. This is not at all what anyone expects from Mourvèdre. It is like blending the best of Beaujolais and both northern and southern Rhône all at once without weight or heaviness at all, just the pure glide of complex fruit and romance. The winemaker feels this deeply and it is very obvious he knows exactly what he is doing. This is the very best that could be done with this👌🏼 — 5 days ago

Dirty & Rowdy

Skinner Stoney Creek Vineyard Mourvedre 2016

Classic D&R. Bright, crunchy red fruit and fresh herbs. Highly drinkable but also complex. — 22 days ago

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Joseph Swan Vineyards

Russian River Valley Mourvèdre 1996

Mature redfruits and some tree bark aromas, lovely balance on the palate, medium-long finish, excellent Mourvèdre. — 24 days ago

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Relic Wines

Ritual Napa Valley Mourvedre Blend 2011

Playing a little catch up.... I have some younger Archive, which I was going to open within a couple of years. However, this GSM blend crafted in a year arguably more difficult has really made me rethink my decision. This wine is doing just fine tonight. Took about 45 minutes for some of the oddities to blow off. Started with an orange rind kind of note which did resolve. The nose at first was brambleberry, ginger, tangerine, herbs, black cherry and flowers. The entry after 30-45 minutes was more on the black cherry and brambleberry side. Wildflowers. The nose never quite blew off that tangerine note, but the palate went solid red and herbal and even drew some green olive and tobacco to the middle. Good acidity from front to back. These wines are very well made. I do not believe that this one is on the way down, but it certainly isn't going to get any better so this is the time to start enjoying these if you have not done so already! — 9 days ago

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Sans Liege

The Prophetess Syrah Mourvedre

2012/2013 blend of73% Syrah and 27% Mourvèdre. 15.4% Alcohol. Big fruit with silky mouthfeel. Yum, what? It’s gone? — 13 days ago

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La Bastide Blanche

Bandol Mourvedre Blend 2017

Första dagen upplevde jag det som en besk eftersmak - efter ngr dagar i kylskåp o nu i lite mindre glas så mötte det syran i tabbouleh riktigt bra. Den kanske helt enkelt behövde tid att öppna upp sig. — 5 hours ago

Herman Story

One Hit Wonder Santa Barbara County Mourvedre 2013

100% pure bred Mouvedre — 12 days ago

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Venteux Vineyards

Paso Robles Mourvedre 2016

Not as velvet as other Mourvèdre, but good. Mouth feel close to a Pinot. Light flavor and texture relative to color. Treat as a Pinot for food pairing. — 21 days ago

Sea Horse Winery

Antoine Tête de Cuvée Syrah Blend 2012

was hoping for wow and it is a wow.

10 years of marriage today.
things didn't go well all through. but we matured surprisingly well.
this is the oldest wine i had (in terms of years passed from bottling).

i was lucky to help again sorting 🍇 after 2019 harvesting at seahorse winery. it was Petit syrah this time.

after a hard day laboring (back hurt for two weeks following intensive yet pleasurable 'punch down') they said: pick a bottle

i took this 2012 gsm (sgm really) which was bottled same day.

72% syrah
16% grenache
12% mourvadre

14% ABV

dense red with some blueness and thick legs👀

green funkness, tobbaco, mushrooms, wet leaves and ripe black fruit 👃

medium + body.
high bursting acidity.

black fruit ruling with green notes, tartness and pepper. some sweetness felt at the back👄

long 🎯 with tannins that are soft and pleasant and take their time before leaving.

it took it's time.
opened and chilled in the refrigerator 2 hours before drinking.

started as: that is nice but no wowness.
as it warmed up and had more air it became what it's supposed to be:
complex balanced superb spicy juice.

not sure how much they charge but excellent vfm for sure.

on its own it was great after opening up.
sourdough bread with 🐐butter and unknown stinky yellow 🧀 made it juicier and spice was stronger.
great sicilian style home made caponata had the same effect.

seahorse winery getting a 🏆again? for shizzle.

same wine after 10 years more of marriage would probably be even better.
— 6 days ago

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Shawn Thompson

Shawn Thompson

Nice review and congrats! Cheers 🍷