Minnesota, Usa

Able Seedhouse + Brewery

Supergiant Golden Ale

Drinking local to start the evening. This is super refreshing and a nice, crisp departure from the IPAs I so adore. Malty and smooth with a nice, thick head. Seek it out when in MN! — 16 days ago

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Aslin Beer Company

Special Drops 50/50 Bar A Collaboration with Graft Cider

Greg Ballington


@Delectable Wine this is a collaboration between Aslin Beer Company in Herndon, Virginia and Horus Aged Ales from Oceanside, California called the ‘Buku Mocha Imperial Stout’.

Beautiful Imperial Stout from Aslin Beer Company and Horus Aged Ales. As it says on the can this is conditioned with Vietnamese Coffe and Vietnamese Cocoa Nibs. This baby will also sneak up on you, labeled as 13.5% alc/vol but it is actually 18%! Drank out of a one pint can (16 oz).

Pitch blackish brown with a solid light to medium brown head. Powerful nose just like a dark roast French press, followed up by mocha, vanilla and a bit nutty. Full bodied and thick, lush on the palate with layers of dark chocolate, a touch of marshmallows, roasted coffee beans and tons of mocha. Long and thick finish. Generally not a stout fan, especially imperial stouts, but this one is spectacular.

$$$ - $8.48 a can.
— 6 days ago

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New Glarus Brewery

Raspberry Tart Ale

The nose smells like raspberries, but on the palate you get a really strong flavor of...raspberries. Lots of raspberry on the finish. It’s very good, but I wouldn’t recommend it if you don’t like raspberries...
It’s actually quite good - nice tartness on the palate, but it’s definitely a little cloying because of the...you guessed it: raspberries! Probably needed to be cooled down a bit more to dampen the sweetness a bit. Good stuff, though.
— 3 days ago

Vanessa McCaffrey
with Vanessa
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Fair State Brewing Cooperative

Mirror Universe Hazy IPA

Thick and pulpy orange juice, overripe peaches. Solid effort. — 16 days ago

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Parish Brewing Company

Ghost In The Machine Imperial IPA

No joke IPA, Louisiana bringing the A game. Floral nose. Straight up roasted hops and dough on the palate. Excellent! — 13 days ago

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@Shawn R Cheers 🍻
Mike R

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@Shawn R i love your exploration of beverages - keep teaching me my friend
James Forsyth

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Nice one. Will look out for it!

Sine Qua Non

Résisté California White Blend 2013

Yeah, not sure what the “pro” rating of 9.1 is all about. Probably tried it too young. The last time I had this was 2015 and it is SO much better. Just look at that honeyed color! Fantastic aromas of dried lemon peel, hints of vanilla, and white flowers. Impeccably balanced (but does need to be dropped siginificantly below cellar temp - say to 50 F - for it to come into focus. Takes about 30min in the glass to express, then it is awesome. Fantastic stuff! — 18 hours ago

Vanessa McCaffrey
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Angel's Envy

Finished Rye Whiskey

Color of black tea, amber like, saturated in color. Nose of strength of alcohol, baked apple, oak, aldehyde, pure, clean, powerful, and saturated. Taste is warm, silky, and smooth, with caramel and condensed sugar, chocolate syrup, maple syrup, ripe apple again, a lingering oak. Aftertaste is long and savory, with oak, sweetness, a bit zest and spice. Very clean and simply tasty. A powerful nose with so smooth taste. I am totally impressed. — 7 days ago

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Tin Whiskers Brewing Company

Distortion New England Mango IPA

Super hazy and the mango note was subtle but refreshing. Citrus dominates the hops. Delicious ice cold on a warm MN summer evening. — a month ago

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@Kirk Feyereisen Kirk sounds like my kind of IPA love the label Cheers 🍻

RMC Wines

III Rows Sauvignon Blanc 2016

Shay A

@Delectable Wine : This is the III Rows Sauvignon Blanc. It wasn’t in the database.

Another Wednesday Wine Committee lunch, this time hosted by my buddy
@Will Adams ! As always, all wines are tasted blind. Great job Will!

III Rows is a fairly new project. I’ve met the owners and enjoyed the cab, but this was my first white from them. Winemaker was from Duckhorn up until 1-2yrs ago.

The nose on this screamed west coast Cali SB. Very reminiscent of Merry Edwards with the explosive tropical fruit notes and even some white flower. However, the palate had very low acidity...as in almost zero. My initial guess was older Merry Edwards but then I changed it to white Bordeaux. Got the grape right, at least.
— 5 days ago

Will AdamsBenjamin Keator
with Will and Benjamin
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Mount Peak Winery

Gravity Red Blend 2014

Shay A

Another Wednesday Wine Committee lunch, this time hosted by my buddy @Will Adams ! As always, all wines are tasted blind.

Heard about this wine but my first time having it. This was the last glass in a flight of 4 reds and it deserved to be enjoyed last. Extracted, concentrated and big. My guess here was a cab/zin Blend from Cali. A lot of lush and ripe fruit to go along with cedar and fig type notes. Stylistically, I’d enjoy these younger rather than aging them. Incredibly easy to drink.
— 5 days ago

Will AdamsBenjamin Keator
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