Malvasija Dubrovacka

Tried at Proto restaurant in Dubrovnik. Was the server’s suggestion. Delicious. Similar to Savignon Blanc. — 14 days ago

Korenika and Moskon

Demeter Malavazija

Best orange Malvasia I’ve had (well, Bloody Amateur would call it “skin -contact white wine, but it’s more than orangish) — 5 months ago

Bloody Amateur
with Bloody
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Istra Malvazija 2013

Complex yet very harmonic orange Malvasia. Overripe apples, balsamic. Notes of thyme. Finest Slovenian craftmanship! — a year ago

Marcus Weber
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Korenika and Moskon

Malvazija 2019

2019, from Slovenia — 2 days ago

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Vino Col Fondo

Rodica Malvazia

Super saline mineral driven Malvasia. Lovely! — 3 months ago


Malvazija 2016

Damn, glad I forgot about this for a couple years — 6 months ago

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Malvazija 1919

Same opinion as Ms. Frank — 2 years ago


Blanc Malvazia 2020

Some skin contact. Terrific. — 19 days ago


Reserva Madeira Malvazia 1901

Smells like a new Madeira and tastes like a Madeira that has the sweetness removed, nutty finish with a basket of raspberries. Excellent. — 4 months ago