Lessona, Biella

Proprieta Sperino

Lessona Nebbiolo

This is a perfect expression of a north-west Piedmont red wine.. and also a perfect experience. Old 2011, looked so perfect for me. — a day ago

Roccia Rossa

Galliano Coste della Sesia Red Blend 2012

In a lovely place! Thanks @Lyle Fass for the guidance to drink now. I really enjoyed the cherry and spice notes, plus some dried rose petals. — 20 days ago

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Lyle Fass

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Nice! Glad it showed well!

Roccia Rossa

Bramaterra DOC Nebbiolo 2015

Needs an hour decant. A bit dumb before that.

Fruity. Some spice.

Bought from fass selections
— a month ago

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Azienda Agricola Barni

Bramaterra Nebbiolo 2010

Lyle Fass

Lifted and very aromatic nose of herbs, dead leaves and freshly raked leaves, spice, tar, mulberry, mid season cherry, so lifted. Really compelling aromas. Better than Badina 10 and Mazzuchelli 10. Layered nose. Just sick. The tar and mint mixing is so good. Palate is juicy and deep with wonderful freshness and purity. Very balanced and suave but substantial tannins. So clean and pure. Lovely mid season dusty red cherry fruit. Terrific inner mouth aromas and a fresh, complex structured palate. Big tannins on the finish suggest further aging is warranted and it does “youthen up” when it gets air. Really balanced for such a big wine, even some finesse. 9.3 for now but let’s see what air does to it.

Terrific after some air. More round. Tannins much more velvety. Sweet fruit. So fresh and energetic. Terrific. So serious. Years to go.
— 2 months ago

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Severn Goodwin

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Youthen Up...That's what I tell myself each year on my birthday.
Lyle Fass

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@Severn Goodwin lol. It’s even younger now!

La Badina

Riserva Lessona Red Blend 2010

Love this.

Nose is dusty. Cherry. Cherry flower.

Palate is silky elegance. A hint of chocolate. Cherry flower perfume. Clingy. Elegant.

Finish is gorgeous. Cherry. Cherry licorice. So “sweet.”

I might like this a tad more than I should because it’s old and beautiful. Like me :-)

No decant. Drink within 35 minutes. It’s loses its energy after that.

Bought from fass selections.
— 24 days ago

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Colombera & Garella

Cascina Cottionano Coste della Sesia Rosso Nebbiolo Blend 2018

This wine nicely straddles the line between an accessible Nebbiolo and a crisper high-altitude red. There is an interesting note of mint in the aroma. Firm acids but not too sharp. Well integrated red with with bright berry flavors, and dusty, mild, tannins. — 18 days ago

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Roccia Rossa

Metodo Classico Brut Nebbiolo Rosé

Last bottle, still wonderful, no new notes:

A copper, pink color in the glass, visually stunning.
Nose has soiled cherry, wet chestnuts, new leather and a touch of cold tangerine peel.
Palate has wet leather, yellow cherry, sour cherry, light chestnut barrel notes and quick squeeze of tangelo.
Best enjoyed as it warms out of the ice bath (+55°F)
— 7 days ago

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Proprieta Sperino

Uvaggio Coste della Sesia Rosso Nebbiolo Blend 2013

Day 2: You can smell the spice, black pepper hits first with red cherry and dry dirt and a lilac or subtle lavender. The tannins are still present with acidity down the side of the tongue and around the teeth. The black pepper is more subtle on the palate, but still very much there. Tart red cherry, pomegranate, more lavender and some tree bark. It’s nice. A bit more fruit on day 1. Probably needs 3 or so more years. — 18 days ago


Bricco Lorella Coste della Sesia Nebbiolo 2019

There’s some surprising boringness here. No obvious flaws but no standout qualities either. Less vibrant than you’d expect from Antoniolo. — 2 months ago

Sarah Bignami
with Sarah
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