Lalande De Pomerol, Libournais

Château au Pont de Guitres

Lalande de Pomerol Red Bordeaux Blend

This was definitely the most expensive bottle I’ve bought at least in a while, and certainly for myself. Someone had bought most of the available stock, and I can see why. While unprepossessing flavorwise for the most part, it is noteworthy for being dark and strong without being too bright or heavy. It’s very nicely balanced, its fruit note an almost apple-like aged cherry that might come from the Old Fashioneds of any bartender in any hipster neighborhood.l worth its salt. — 12 days ago

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M.L. Harrison

M.L. Harrison

And no, @Pablo, it was not as cheap as Delectable seems to think it is 😌


Réserve de Saint-Jacques Pomerol Red Bordeaux Blend 2012

An enjoyable dry red Bordeaux. Needs to breathe enough before fully revealing its character. — 19 days ago

Chateau Cardinal de Viaud

Cuvée Prestige Lalande-de-Pomerol Red Bordeaux Blend

Voluptuous, decadent and fragrant — a month ago

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Château Certan De May De Certan

Pomerol Red Bordeaux Blend 1990

Started out a little tannic really opened up with air and tons of lush cassis with a nice spine of minerality with excellent length and intensity. A more masculine style of Pomerol. No rush to drink . — 10 days ago

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Château La Fleur de Gay

Pomerol Red Bordeaux Blend 2000

Silky and absolutely stunning. Phenomenal Pomerol — 19 days ago

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Château Garraud

Lalande de Pomerol Red Bordeaux Blend

Very smooth condiment wine. Nice amount if cabernet franc and this goes with any meal — a month ago

Château Perron

Lalande de Pomerol Merlot Blend 2012

Tasty - plummy, a bit floral, nice finish. — 10 days ago

Château Samion

Lalande-de-Pomerol Red Bordeaux Blend 2014

Drank night of kol nidre...really good...not cheap at 37 good value for what it is — 17 days ago

Château Belles-Graves

Lalande de Pomerol Red Bordeaux Blend 2013

Absolutely love this wine. Great fruit, but you have such wonderful earthy taste. Great value! — a month ago

Château Treytins

Lalande de Pomerol Cabernet Franc Blend 2012

Mocha and spicy tobacco scents. Ample rich and round mouth with a pinch of sweetness. — a month ago