Ganja Wine Plant

Château Serilhan

St. Estèphe Red Bordeaux Blend 2019

Nose: dark berries, warm spices, varnish, some plant I can’t identify, plum. Some tobacco?

Taste: tasty, but not as good or as interesting as the professional reviews claimed. Seems one dimensional to me - regular inexpensive bordeaux. Medium weight, a little bitter - a little vegetal, even - perhaps it needs more air or age. Was hoping for more, given the price ($22?) and praise. Won’t bother again. 89.
— 12 days ago

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J Vineyards & Winery

Estate Grown Russian River Valley Pinot Noir 2012

Ten years after the vintage, this one is drinking great... Memories of burning up the highway in the rental car and peeling into the tasting room parking lot five minutes before closing... On the nose, still bright cherry and tomato plant... Quite vegetal... On the palate, this is deep cherry with green veins of complexity... Green pepper, fresh sage... This is not a watery-assed Pinot... Much bigger than I expected... This is full-bodied... Eucalyptus showing up in the long finish... I like this a lot. — 3 months ago

Anita Beishuizen
with Anita


Dao Red Blend 2015

Nice color. Dark red with a ruby glow. Smells nice. Rose hip tea, rocks, and plum sauce. Flavors are balanced and full. Slightest edge of raspberry chocolate. More rose stuff (petals over hips). Hibiscus. A bit of earth mixed with stems of a woody plant perhaps. Elegant and silky smooth. This is a lovely blend of Portuguese native varietals that could go head to head with great Southern French or Northern Italian wines. — a month ago

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Vigne Surrau

Vermentino di Gallura 2020

John Howard

Trippy. Smells like a pea plant. Good. — 2 months ago

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Saperavi Red Dry 2018

Juicy dark fruit full of iron and tart blackberries at first taste. It moves into wet slate and a bit of tomato plant with the gentler notes of black licorice. — 4 months ago

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Moraga Vineyards

Estate Red Blend 2010

Matt Austin

From a 16 acre vineyard in the hills of Bel Air. Probably the most expensive vineyard property in the US. It’s currently owned by Rupert Murdoch, but this is from before his purchase in 2013. This is legit good. Much better than any Malibu wines I’ve had. 13.8 listed alcohol and fairly restrained style. Let’s rip down all of those mansions and plant some grapes! — 5 months ago

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i Clivi di Ferdinando Zanusso

Clivi Brazan Collio Goriziano Friulano 2013


Had it at GL tasting years ago. Excellent smack the month pucker the cheeks acidic balanced white flowers infused stony cool white. Yum. AA12 bargain. Went well with roasted egg plant onion garlic unreal spiral cut pasta and sides of amah pork and roast duck! — a month ago


Cerdon Bugey Sparkling Rosé Poulsard Gamay 2016

Pouring one out for the forced rehoming of my raspberry plant. Ode to raspberries — a month ago

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Château Bellevue Peycharneau

Supérieur Red Bordeaux Blend 2019

Nice dark color. Nose: earthy (earthworm!), something distinctly plant like or vegetal, almost a little seaweed (?), chlorine (???!?), soft cheese / ammonia - herbs - light/bright wood - a little currant. Taste: good! Good mouthfeel, nice drying tannins, dark skinned berries, herbs, all comes together in a nice weighty way. 90! Great deal for $11 on sale, $10 after discount! Definitely need to buy more. EDIT: wife strongly dislikes it, she says it tastes and smells “like a cheap hotel pool.” I know what flavor(s) she is talking about (the chlorine/earth/soft cheese element), but it worked for me. YMMV. — 3 months ago

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