Tenuta La Giustiniana

Lugarara Gavi del Comune di Gavi Cortese

Delicious easy drinking gavi di gavi. Gorgeous almond, strawberry, iris, and violet nose. Notes of peach, pear, citrus with a hint of beeswax. Refreshing acidity and a rich lingering quality. Purchased for 15 USD. — 9 days ago

Tenuta La Rocca

Coppo Gavi Cortese 2018

Fresh, tight as Andrew’s ass, green pineapple, savory, wish I had some oysters — 7 days ago

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La Mesma

Gavi Cortese 2016

Very nice!! Bought at Eataly! Would definitely get this again. — 22 days ago

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Produttori del Gavi

Gavi Cortese 2018

Get thee into my mouth you saltwater flower garden! You know how going to the beach costs nothing and it frees you up as you realize the sea could swallow you and end it all (goth commentary), chill you out (living in Lalaland commentary), and sharpen all senses and verve for life (good lord genuine ocean-experience commentary)? It’s not free but I got it for $8.96 from Garagiste and not only is it saline and lemon salt and floral but it is exciting me very much and not just because I’m coming down from a month of Pinotage reporting. Seashells and lily gardens mingle. Acid AF. It fades a smidge fast but maybe that is just an excuse to gulp more and rejoice. I am. You shall. — a month ago

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Corti - Giani Mi Stai Sulle Bucce Cortese

candied citrus. dried apricot. white wine. nice sour juice. — 5 days ago


Colli Tortonesi Cortese

Green apples and honey. Tart with a smooth finish. — 23 days ago

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Roberto Sarotto

Tenuta Manenti Bric Sassi Gavi Cortese

Fresh, citrussy, good acidity (we had with pork chops)-stood up to a lemon & caper sauce. — 6 days ago


La Meirana Gavi Cortese 2018

Very lemony, tart gala apple, pink grapefruit, melon, peach. Seashell, almond, slightly floral. — 8 days ago

Franco Serra

Gavi Cortese 2017

One of our favorite Gavis. — a day ago

Cascina Degli Ulivi

Gavi Cortese 2018

2018. Запах маринованных слив и винограда с нотами ацетата, а через пару минут ноты маринада из под зеленых томатов. Во вкусе очееь много меда, немного медовухи и белой рыбы (забыл название, папа любит). В послевкусии легкий тон копченой рыбы (дымный), типа скумбрии, кедровых орехов. Много цветочных нот. Абрикосовое варенье и варенье из белой черешни. Много сладости и крутых немного странных нот, но все в балансе. Очень крутое. Выпил бы бутылку один. — a month ago