Catherine Raphet

Catherine et Pierre Breton

Franc de Pied Bourgueil Cabernet Franc 2015

Surprisingly decent. Raspberries, blackberries, a little bit of tart, a little bit of nice organic tree bark. — 8 days ago

Catherine et Pierre Breton

Trinch Bourgueil Cabernet Franc 2021

Textbook #loirevalley #cabernetfranc, this one from #touraine ; It was late in the evening after happy hour so notes are a bit more approximate than usual. 😜 Pyrazines active, green pepper notes, shy black/purple fruit, soft tannins and a vegetal earthiness on the palate. It could have been served cooler by the bar but nice night cap nonetheless. — 3 months ago

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Domaine Catherine Cuchet-Béliando

Cornas Syrah 2017

Wrapping up a wild weekend, I finished this bottle of Cuchet-Beliando Cornas that I opened Friday evening. It was awesome on the pop and pour and continued to develop in a lovely arc through Sunday evening when I enjoyed my last glass. The 2017 pours a deep ruby/purple with a magenta rim and what’s basically an opaque core. Medium+ viscosity and moderate staining, with some signs of sediment. On the nose the wine is developing with notes of the most pure black and red brambles, some blueberries, a bit of animale, deli case, pimento loaf, lavender, a whole Pensey’s bag of Tellicherry pepper corns, black olives, cedar and gentle warm spices. On the palate, the wine is dry with medium+ tannins and medium acid. Confirming the notes from the palate although the brambles are a bit more red. The finish is long and with loads of meat and black pepper. This is a stunning Cornas that has some real class behind the feral Cornas curtain. I really love this…but I’m an absolute sucker for the Rhône. Drink now with some patience but this will be brilliant for decades. 2024-2057. Thanks for the assist @Lyle Fass — 2 months ago

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Lyle Fass

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Such an amazing estate and a much better note than mine!
Jay Kline

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@Lyle Fass you’re too kind. I’m still thinking about this bottle 🫠

Catherine et Pierre Breton

La Dilettante Vouvray Sec Chenin Blanc 2021

Fresh, fruity, and absolutely divine with Jose Gourmet’s excellent canned fishies. Yum! — 3 months ago

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Catherine et Pierre Breton

Chinon Cabernet Franc 2014

Might be time to drink up. I feel like the fruit is thinner than a few years ago, and being a pretty light bodied wine, there is just not much else left in the bottle. — 5 months ago

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Catherine et Pierre Breton

Clos Sénéchal Bourgueil Cabernet Franc 2004

Long tanning. Tart fruit. Very enjoyable over an hour or two. Wish I had more. — 2 months ago

Gérard Raphet

Clos de Vougeot Grand Cru Pinot Noir 2007

Rich sappy dark cherry, berry fruit, savory spice, mineral, underbrush & violet — 2 months ago

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Catherine et Pierre Breton

Les Perrières Bourgueil Cabernet Franc 2018

oh wow 😍 maybe I’m becoming a Loire Cab Franc girl — 2 months ago

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Gérard Raphet

Cuvée Unique Clos-Vougeot Grand Cru Pinot Noir 2012

Presented double-blind at Tasting Group. The wine pours a pretty ruby color with a transparent core and maybe some slight rim variation. Medium viscosity with no staining of the tears. No obvious signs of sediment. On the nose, developing with strawberries, raspberries, mushrooms, sous bois and soft baking spices. Delicate. On the palate, the wine is dry with medium tannin and medium+ acid. Confirming the notes from the nose. Finish is medium+. Lovely and quite elegant. I called Bourgogne Rouge from a great producer but it was 2012 Raphet “Clos Vougeot”. Oooop. Drinking well now with some secondary characteristics just beginning to show. Drink through 2032.
— 4 months ago

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