Brouilly, Beaujolais

Domaine Coudert

Brouilly Gamay 2019

Vintage 2019 | nice frivolous raspberry in smell, but what I like most of this wine is a vibrant delicious gamay aftertaste when you swallow the wine | paired with a burger — 11 days ago

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Daniel M

Daniel M

I'm curious about the label as it's very different from what I'm used to see from them. Do you think it's a new label for all their wines or is it a special one for their brouilly only?
Peter van den Besselaar

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@Daniel M Fleurie is the same label
Daniel M

Daniel M

Thank you @Peter van den Besselaar I guess they updated their labels. I really liked their previous ones

Château Thivin

Cuvée Zaccharie Côte de Brouilly Gamay 2017

Upon opening, stable scents, but so close to the meadow and to decomposing grass that the manure smell is actually wonderful. This shapeshifts into a bit of beef jerky. And then after that, there is just an avalanche of red and purple fruit. On the nose and the palate. Black plums and cherries, but only just-ripe. Herbs, oriental spices, amaaazing concentration, so crystalline and pure. Serious tannins for gamay. Really next level stuff. And from a vintage I don’t even care for. — a month ago

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This wine is excellent! Cheers 🙂
Peter Sultan

Peter Sultan

Nice description-Thx for preview, just bought a trio of 2019s @Josh Morgenthau

Château Thivin

"Reverdon" Brouilly Gamay 2018

Fruit: strawberries and cranberries
Body: light
Acidity: high
Alcohol: 13%
— 5 days ago

La Côte Étoilée

Les Pierreux Brouilly Gamay 2017

Very tasty. JayStock another CR wine. — 16 days ago

Jean-Claude Lapalu

Vieilles Vignes Brouilly Gamay 2019

Very fruity with strong tart perhaps peppery aftertaste — 20 days ago

Domaine Grégoire Hoppenot

Origines Fleurie Gamay 2018

This Cru Beaujolais is a natural beauty. I’m really excited about it.

Made from the Gamay grape, hailing from Fleurie in Northern Beaujolais region of France, this wine is medium ruby.

It has medium(+) intensity of youthful, bright, yet also concentrated aromas, which are primary-note driven. Aromas include notes of ripe cherry, black raspberry, banana, strawberry shortcake, orange peel, potpourri, anise, clove, licorice, and wet stone.

On the palate, this wine is dry. It has medium(+) acidity, a medium body, medium alcohol, medium tannins, and medium(+) intensity in flavors consistent with the nose but more tart and fresh. This wine has a medium finish.

Also, I love the label. I’m a sucker for beautiful artwork on labels. I saw it and had to try it. I’m glad I did.

Domaine Gregoire Hoppenot, Fleurie, Origines. Vintage 2018. ABV 12.5%.
— 6 days ago

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Georges Descombes

Brouilly Gamay 2018

fruit-forward, raspberry, cherry, fresh — 14 days ago

Alex Foillard

Cote de Brouilly Gamay 2018

Very complex and layered. Balanced with the earth and fruit, incredible length. Up there with the best Beaujolais. First time having and really amazing — 20 days ago

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Pierre Cotton

Côte de Brouilly Gamay

It’s lit and pretty well priced too I’m about that life — 9 days ago

M. & C. Lapierre à Villié-Morgon

Juliénas Gamay 2016

Alder Yarrow

I pulled this out of the cellar a couple of weeks ago and never got around to drinking it. Lazy thing that I am, rather than look up which shelf it belonged on, I just left it in the box on the floor in the basement, but tonight I needed a wine to go with dinner and there it was calling out.... “Driiiiink Meeeeeee.” So now I’m swimming in a blissful little pond of strawberry and cranberry tinged with dried herbs and the light woody bitterness of juniper. There’s a lovely savory note that lingers in the finish with gauzy wispy tannins that you don’t notice unless you’re really paying attention. Great acidity, and just a lovely presence. Yum! — a day ago

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