Bourgogne Epineuil, Chablis

Domaine Dominique Gruhier

L'Ame Des Dannots Bourgogne Epineuil 2015

Really enjoyed this wine (heard this wine is right outside Chablis) but wow nice character a little earthy, caper, cherry fruit , leather ,absolutely great balance — 22 days ago

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Douglas Braun

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2013 Vintage

Domaine Alain Mathias

Bourgogne-Epineuil Pinot Noir 2018

John Howard

Wow! Beautiful. Northern Rhone nose and darker styled burg palate. High acid and pure fresh fruit intensity. Earthy. Best villages Burg we’ve had. Will buy more asap. — 3 months ago

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La Maison Romane

Bourgogne 2018

Nada de bobeirinha! Impressionante pra um genérico. — 8 days ago

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Raoul Clerget

Bourgogne Pinot Noir

Simply because I like beaujolais and at 13% this won't give me a huge @#&$ing hangover this is one of my go-to reds when I fancy it... not just because the supermarket that sells it is literally 5 minutes away 😆🙈🍷🍷 #beaujolais — 3 months ago

Guilhem et Jean Hugues Goisot

Côtes d'Auxerre Bourgogne Chardonnay 2018

Chardonnay from one of Burgundy’s lesser-known and more modest appellations, Côtes d’Auxerre, from biodynamically-farmed vineyards growing on the same types of Kimmeridgian limestone found in nearby Chablis. Beautiful nose, notes of almond — 3 months ago

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Alice et Olivier De Moor

Bourgogne Aligoté 2018

So lucky to get to try this. We only got 1 case allocated. Aligote is the “second” grape but when well made is memorable. Tart green apple, underripe tangerine, lemon and some salinity. Chablis on steroids. Just a complex bottle of wine. — 4 months ago

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Alice et Olivier De Moor

Bourgogne-Chitry Chardonnay 2015

Savennieres of Burgundy. Alice & Olivier making fantastic Chardonnay just outside of Chablis.

So vivid and fresh, wonderfully long tangy lemon and savory (almost curried) finish. This is balanced of fruit and sotolon 101.
Ripe pear and nutty slightly oxidative notes crescendo cohesively.
— 25 days ago

Hubert Lamy

Les Chataigners Bourgogne Blanc Chardonnay 2015

🏅 Rating 90+/100 (4,05⭐)

Fresh, floral and energetic. Slightly reductive, but with light touch of oak. Bee wax, yellow plum. Saline minerality on the palate reminds of Chablis from Kimmeridgian limestone. Silky texture, flavours support the nose. Difficult to believe it is regional Bourgogne appellation. It does have this Saint Aubin signature to it. And we know from Olivier Lamy that fruit comes from vineyards adjacent to village and often times declassified fruit from superior appellations enriches this Bourgogne blend.

Superb value for money.

Drink till 2023
— 3 months ago

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