Bekaa Valley

Château Musar

Bekaa Valley Red Blend 1998

Клюква, калина, шкурка красного яблока, красная слива, розовый перец, прелый можжевельник, кожа, тонкая животинка, аккуратный грибной тон, едва заметная летучка. Легкое тело с полупрозрачным, чуть мутноватым цветом, стройной кислотностью и интегрированными танинами. Естественно и легко, красиво развито, с мягкой свежестью во вкусе. Гармонично и в меру комплексно. Почти по-бургундски. — 7 days ago

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Riddley Walker

Riddley Walker

Indeed. Good enough when young, but so much better (and different) when aged. @Peter van den Besselaar
MaJ CappS

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Love these wines.

Château Musar

Musar Jeune Rouge Cabernet Sauvignon Blend 2015

This is not a pnp. Decanted for about 45 minutes. Initially, unbalanced and harsh tannins but opens up nicely to become an amazing rustic old world wine. The aromas of black fruits and earth are so freaking enticing. The tannins are still smack in your face so this screams meat or cheese.
I do enjoy these rustic, old world wines but I know this is not for everyone.
— a month ago

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Château Musar

Bekaa Valley White Blend 2005

Thank you Jay! This is delicious! — 21 days ago

Château Ksara

Blanc de Blancs Bekaa Valley Sauvignon Blend 2012

My first experience with a Lebanese wine and I’m loving it. Starts with buttery popcorn on the nose, the palate opens with citrus, and the finish sways back onto the Chardonnay style malo butter. Very interesting blend of flavours. Quite impressed! — a day ago

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Château Musar

Hochar Père & Fils Bekaa Valley Red Blend 2009

2009 vintage but still retains a lot of the dark fruit. Spicy and balanced with acidity that keeps its freshness. Nice! — a day ago

Château Musar

Musar Jeune 2016

Funk, rose petals, earth — 15 days ago

Dan D.
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Joshua Sheldon

Joshua Sheldon

Best 20$ bottle I’ve had

Château Kefraya

Comte De M Bekaa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon Syrah 2010

Austere the first day so I decided to wait for the next day when the wine showed its real character — a month ago

Château Musar

Bekaa Valley Obaideh Merwah 2005

First of a small tranche of six bottles supplied directly from the importer and my first experience with Musar’s Blanc. Opened an hour before serving...should have been much longer. Light golden color...striking to behold. Wild aromas of marmalade, stone fruits, orange blossom. On the palate it’s much the same with lovely acidity and minerality. This bottle came across remarkably young. The late Serge Hochar once said that his white wines seemed to become more fresh with age. That statement, at the time, seemed absurd to me but what the hell do I know. This bottle seems to prove he was right and that he had and incredible understanding of his wines. I’m in no particular rush to drink my five remaining bottles but one thing is for certain, I will likely decant my next bottle for an extended period, similar to the way I treat their Rouge. World class. — 21 days ago

Justin Kline
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Château Ksara

Clos St Alphonse Syrah Cabernet Sauvignon 2016

Beautiful Gamay tempranillo blend being served with Lebanese cuisine. Amazing — 4 days ago

Château Musar

Gaston Hochar Grand Cru White Blend 2009

Wow..impressive...slightly oxidized, lemon/lemon curd, vanilla, great minerality... — 24 days ago

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