Barossa, South Australia


The Signature Barossa Cabernet Sauvignon Shiraz 2006

Aromas of coffee grounds, cassis, plum and a touch of mint and Dark Chocolate - Descriptors from both the Cabernet and Shiraz components. Soft and supple yet with an inner strength. One of the best examples of Australia’s classic Cabernet Shiraz blends - up there with Penfolds Bin 389. A day later still drinking well - actually better if anything. Lovely balance, really good with a better score of 96 points. — 4 days ago

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No. 1 Barossa Shiraz 2004

Revisiting this one. The hallmark sweet black fruit plus vanilla and coconut American oak of the Barossa is evident. It’s developing into comfortable leathery tones while retaining that dark fruit potency. Tannins have really softened off. Good time to be drinking it - should hold for a while but I won’t be leaving the rest for too long. — 8 days ago


Patchwork Samuel's Garden Collection Barossa Shiraz 2011

Jammy AF; got cherry on the nose and an earthy smokiness. The more we drink it the more its like a tart berry pie. Easy drinking — 2 days ago


Boundaries Cabernet Sauvignon 2004

Almost too much - very sweet bouquet and taste - cassis and black berries - drank it with a red rib eye with peber sauce — 3 days ago


Mahe & Ribo Syrah

Incredible nose that attracts attention from across the room. With a little air it is like an afterburner opens up with layer upon layer of bright blue fruit, electric flavors and silky tannins...just WOW — 9 days ago

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Shay A

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Incredible bottle.

St. Hugo

Barossa Shiraz 2012

Lam S

One of my favoratr shiraz from barrosa region. Nice full body various dark fruit. Very well balanced. Great value compare to penfolds. — 3 days ago

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Vintage Port Barossa Port Blend 1972

Freshness doesn't allow you to stop drinking
Maybe it lacks a bit of flesh, but it makes it up with the complexity
Not even close to peak. Long life ahead
— 20 days ago

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Oscar Semmler Barossa Valley Shiraz 2001

More fruit than funk. This one was not at the very front or back of a lineup consisting of a 2012 Plumpjack, 2005 Cayuse En Cerise, 2013 Sleight of hand Psychedelic, 2009 Alban Reva, 2007 Bevan Bob's Cuvee Dry Stack Syrah, and a 2015 Montagu Hyde. Would definitely enjoy again if someone else was buying. I was very surprised to find a lot fruit still here. The cellartracker drink by window seems to have expired a couple of years ago, yet I did not really get many tertiary notes out of this wine at all. A lot of dark fruit here. Ripe blackberry, boysenberry, hint of earthy grit to the middle and finish. Still seemed to finish with a little bit of resolving tannin. The finish definitely has rounded off. Enjoyed quite a bit, yet if you have this in your cellar I would start opening! — 23 days ago

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Really cool bottle. Power of persuasion may have been why I picked up some eucalyptus but it was faint. There was an old graham cracker note too. Ripe blackberry, cassis, and vanilla pipe tobacco. Would like to try one of these younger.

Two Hands

Aphrodite Cabernet Sauvignon 2006

30+ minute decant and could use more. Darkest wine I have ever had color wise. Pretty close to oil, in both color and texture :). Not much with regards to nose other than massive dark cherry. Jammy wine that really coats the palate and the stomach. Wish it had more contrast, as it’s pretty one dimensional, power and dark cherry. You can’t taste the 15.5 OH, but you definitely feel it. This is not a wine to have alone, so drink with friends or else you’ll feel it. 2-3 glasses was all I could stomach because of its magnitude. This wine is the apex of power and robustness. It could probably last for a century, no kidding! Just not my style unfortunately. — 16 days ago

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Hill of Grace Vineyard Shiraz 1998

An icon of Australian Red wine. Unfortunately a strong whiff of H2S on the Nose. I have struck this problem previously with also Henschke Mount Edelstone on a couple of occasions. The hallmark of this wine has always been its beautiful supple silky tannins with flavours of plum and raspberry. Tannins totally resolved. The product of a 140 year single vineyard in the Eden Valley. Unfortunately prices these days have gone through the roof. I hope we don’t encounter the H2S in subsequent bottles. — 13 days ago

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Georgina McDonald

Georgina McDonald

The perfect example of wine being alive in a bottle; this 1998 vintage continues to evolve, hours after opening. Have patience with this initially coy 21 year old; allow him to find his feet and settle into the year of 2019 before making your final judgements. Opens like Bambi and finishes like a Red Deer. Tobacco, Manuka honey, and stewed raspberries on the nose. Followed with a dense, spicy, fruit cake on the palate. Would love to taste another of the same vintage in 5-years.
Bob McDonald

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@Georgina McDonald We will put this wine to the test in another 5 years as you suggest Georgie!😋🍷