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Lemonade Pinot Noir Rosé

Day Wines 2020 "Lemonade" Great backstory from a not great year that included smoke from Oregon's fires - but no smoke here. Story aside, great pinot noir rose; cherry, strawberry, good acid and a little mineral. — 5 months ago

Sine Qua Non

Ratsel 16 Syrah 2016

2016 Sine Qua Non "Rätsel 16" Syrah, originally “Cypher 16,” renamed because of potential legal problems with the rock band? Not sure of the backstory on that one, but it’s pretty clear that Rätsel (enigma, mystery, puzzle, riddle) is simply the German word for Cypher (a secret or disguised way of writing; a code). The wine however, not the band, is a monster. Gargantuan really. Typical SQN nose, and black as a moon-free, starless night sky in the stem. Tonight’s photo should not to be confused with Katie Bouman’s Black Hole masterpiece, although no light can escape from either. Very tight upon opening, singing an aria 36 hours later. SUPER concentrated with unlimited upside potential. More detailed tasting note to come. Yet another stunner! — 2 years ago

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Joseph Barsky

Joseph Barsky

36 hour decant or corked the bottle and came back later without gassing? Thanks for your newborn assessments!
Norman Gennaro

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I feel like I just got these delivered. Man you had these early!


Cancellaia di RiparbellaCabernet Sauvignon

This is one of those lucky finds that just don’t come around very often. Sorry for the backstory but I think the context helps explain my excitement. There’s a small wine and spirit shop in a little beach town I drive through about 2-3 times a year and I’ll usually stop and get a bottle or two because they had a great and unique selection. Sadly, the last few stops there have been a bit disappointing as their variety seems on the decline. What was once a great range of wines with a lot of unique bottles, is now a lot of cheap high volume offerings on one end and on the other a nice selection of super high end bottles that I’m not picking up on a whim. While the high end selection is commendable, the magic of the shop seems to have faded. And if I am going to go high end I would rather do it with a shop I frequent in Charleston. Anyway, browsed a bit and didn’t really find anything I was interested in. Was on the way out and came across a 50% off rack and found this marked down to 9 dollars. Grabbed this and a few others thinking 🤷🏻‍♂️.The second it hit the glass it was beautiful on the nose, continued with deep richness on the palate. Great clarity and balance. My research suggests a 70/30 Cab/ Cab Franc blend. Have to assume this a nod to the famous Cab/Cab Franc blends in the region, and it’s a heck of nod. Have a half bottle left and I can’t wait to see how it held up for night two. — 3 years ago

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Jefferson's Presidential Select

Ocean Aged At Sea Very Small Batch Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey

Absolutely incredible bourbon with an equally as impressive backstory 🥃 Aged aboard a marine wildlife research vessel operated by nonprofit Ocearch, this bourbon has gone through rapid aging due to the constant movement that characterizes time spent at sea, and has accumulated a host of complexity and oceanic tasting notes in the process; a gift from Poseidon, no doubt. This technique of aging bourbon has now been conducted for 22 unique voyages around the globe, this bottle being from the most recent voyage. Drinking like a gorgeous union between bourbon and rum, this spirit offers a litany of desirable and exotic notes like salted caramel, roasted nuts, toasted coconut, glazed figs, molasses, and savory winter spices. This is super good. — 5 months ago

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David T

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Wait, wait...President Jefferson loved Bordeaux First Growths!! 😜
Ryan Vento

Ryan Vento

He also loved putting his bourbon on high-tech ocean research vessels. At least, that’s how the story goes.
David T

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I know it to be true. I own two Jefferson Bottles. Picked em up cheap on 😂

Orin Swift Cellars

8 Years in the Desert Zinfandel Blend 2017

Excellent Zinfandel blend from Orin Swift. The backstory of this wine is almost as great as the wine. Non-compete in a contract from selling of a vineyard, didn’t allow Orin Swift to produce a Zinfandel for 8 years. Hence 8 years in the desert. Just spectacular on the nose with hints of blackberry and cherry. On the palette it is enticing and young, bountiful fruit. Would probably benefit from another year or two in the bottle, but is spectacular now. — 2 years ago

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Castello di Volpaia

Riserva Chianti Classico Sangiovese 2014

Great producer with a unique backstory. Was lucky enough to get a chance to talk to her for a while at tasting event about her vineyard, winery, and methods. Glad to see this is back in the Charleston market. Spice and fruit notes and the nose lead on to pallet with great balance and length. — 3 years ago

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Gut Oggau

Winifred Blaufränkisch Zweigelt Rosé

Incredibly annoying backstory but very delicious wine! — 10 months ago

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Terlato Vineyards

The Federalist Honest Red Blend 2017

This North Coast red blend offers up a dark nose of smoke, tar, plums, cigar box, vanilla, cedar and an old baseball glove. The palate shows huge black and red fruit, also with plenty of oak spice. BTW, the wine is said to pay homage to Abraham Lincoln. He may have been Honest Abe, but he was not a Federalist. But whatever. You’re not really drinking it for the backstory, are you?
— 2 years ago

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Finca Aviño

Nuria Muscat of Alexandria

Lemony orange peel tastes like great backstory here maybe made by a 19 year old hmm hmmmmm??? — 2 years ago

Pierre Gaillard

Operation Dragoon Côtes du Rhône Red Rhone Blend 2015

Absolutely delicious! A little dangerous because it’s SO easy to drink. Smooth. Slightly sweet. Subtle. And a wonderfully rich backstory. — 3 years ago